The days go on

I can feel satan’s influence pretty strong as of late. Its super annoying, discouraging, and frightening. I have been striving to feel the spirit more, and instead of letting myself doubt and feel the lack of Gods love- to find places in my life and/or situation in which Gods love prevails over all.

Between injuries, doubting and pure idiocy, I’m hoping I can live for the next 2 weeks haha.

It doesn’t matter how scared I am, how worried I am or that I feel so uneducated. It truly is a testament that God doesn’t pick and choose favorites or that he always gives us what we want. I know my call is exactly where I need to be and I L O V E it!




So….. I decided today that the world sucks.






Even in our own beloved MERICA!

The debate over the nationality and race of the Miss America winner, the Syria debate and other lame things.

When did we decide it was okay not to believe in God.

When did we decided it was okay to belittle people.

When decided it was okay for us to bully.

I read the other day that another teen girl committed suicide because of girls bullying her via the internet. Sad Day.

Society tells us- be skinny. be happy. show bones. wear make up. pose this way. do this.

Well society….NO.

I will be awesome, I will be amazing.