Letter: October 30th, 2013

whatcha doin….? you miss me? i miss you and love you like CRAAAZZZYYY
so this week has been awesome….i hope i can remember everything that happened because i left my list in the casa O_o
where to start….
kk so last pday was a dream…like i loved it and i got so much done!! then friday and Saturday flew by like it was 1 hour! on Sunday i didn’t have to speak again, woot woot but they asked me to play to piano so i did and it was amazing to finally play the piano again. i miss is…so guess what. there’s this couple that are a branch president and our branches are combined so their names are the Christensen and they are from Monticello and they are so sweet! they took a picture with me. every time i see them sister Christensen gives me a big hug and yells SAN JUAN!! haha thats right i’m representing 😉
on Sunday we also had a district fast for an elder in our branch…elder starkey, he feels like he is pressured to be here and church is ruining his life….gosh.
so we all fasted for him for him to have strength and love and  whatever else he needs….i dunno. all i can say is….make sure a mission is your own choice…it really puts a damper on things if your a terd.
later that day we have a man name Steve allen speak to us. he is the international director for every single mtc. woah….he was so nice and so fun and SO FIRM.
he told us that the church has never had an mtc like mexico…90 acres…houses…dorms…classrooms…full football fields, tennis courts…he said that we a little peace of enochs city and that this is how it will be like after the second coming….i loved it. i believe it.
he also said…  DON’T BE STUPID. he gave really sad examples of a missionary who left his companion and is now in jail for assaulting little kids. he told us a story of 6 missionaries that stayed out passed curfew….decided to make bombs and got thrown in jail….stupid stupid.
then we had a devotional, this time elder holland wasn’t live…drats….but he is always so firm. he said that serve like our life depends on it because it does….because we are only giving 2 years and we need/have an obligation to the lord to bring souls to him.
i got your package and the letters from rylee and kam and jenni in the same day!! i was so excited i cried and then ate the chocolate you gave me…i’m saving some for Halloween….guess what….HOW IS IT REALLY ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!  where is the time going…no say.
so i had a way friend in the missionary store here….and he had this way awesome Mexico jersey and i was like….hey…can you get me one of those. so hes hooking my whole district up with jerseys! with our last name and the number 11 because that’s our district number how cool!!! and they are only like 30 USA dollars…SO Excited.
also i just got a thing saying i have another package but i don’t get it until friday but I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!
we went to the temple today for the 2nd time and we had to do it all in Spanish….so scary haha they have the old movie so you can read lips and figure out where you are. i sat by this girl who has a son out on a mission and she was crying the whole time and was telling me what was going on haha she gave me a big hug and told me thank you for sacrificing your life for 18 months…her family are converts and now her son is on a mission 🙂 it warms my heart.
this week has been super good because i have never relayed on the lord more for love and support and encouragement. my companion is superify with her mood and i take a deep breath…say a prayer and focus on the work.
i read this and i felt the spirit so strong.
mom thank you for the scriptures in your letter…i read them all of the time. i am doing really good in the language i can speak basically fully with some help on phrases but other than that i’m doing good in it. i’ve hit some road bumps that have been hard, but i study hard and work harder.
family….please continue in family prayer and study…it is so important, and its the only way to invite the spirit in as a whole, into the home. this gospel is so true and i love it with my whole heart. everyday i wake up early because i want to, because the work needs to be done. i want to serve and be the kind of missionary that when i get on the plane home… i want to hear the spirit whisper in my ear “good job my faithful servant” i believe this is the only way we can become gods and eternal, not just immortal. only through the gospel of Jesus Christ can we be made whole and clean again and again. next week i wont forget my list of things to write and so ill write more. tell grandpa i love him thank you so much for what he has done. tell grandma i love her more and cant wait to see her again. i love you all so much and i know this is restored truth.
a mission is more than serving and converting investigators. you have to convert yourself before you can convert anyone else.
so then, shall we not go on in such a great cause?
hermana lyman

Pictures: October 30th, 2013

SAM_0038this is of the emergency circle for fire and earthquake

SAM_0034this is the view right outside my house here at the MTC.

SAM_0031this is me! YAY FOR PDAY!

SAM_0032This is my new ctr ring!!

SAM_0018 SAM_0021this is Mexico.

SAM_0002 the ccm is right by the big B….because the B was for the old school.

SAM_0007the temple is a long ways away from the ccm…the ccm is by the B

SAM_0873this is right outside the fence…its a gym sign hahahah

SAM_0867kinda weird…but this is what the sinks look like you push that metal over and the water comes out.


SAM_0853after devotional

SAM_0851i made a time out corner


SAM_0797My bed

SAM_0804i look at this EVERY NIGHT.

SAM_0860sometimes i feel like I’m in prison and just wanna go outside.

October 23rd 2013

The first picture is me, hermana jackson, my companion hermanna maama and hermana feces they are going to florida tampa and were out favorite.
Oct 23 2013 MTC
the second is of the rain crazy
Oct 23 2013 MTC 1
the 3rd it me and hermana winters in front…my fav. girls and then friends!
Oct 23 2013 MTC 2

Letter: October 23rd 2013

so this week has been full of ups and down…i don’t even know where to start!
when we do computer time for language our computer has a weather checker you can check the temp in your hometown and i check Blandings weather everyday! today it says its suppose to be 43 and clear….woot! its so rainy here! like monsoon rain and who didn’t pack and umbrella or rain coat….THIS GIRL. its okay the elders are really nice and let us borrow the umbrellas. but most of time we embrace the rain because its like so fun! I’m working really hard on maintaining a good companion relationship…its really hard sometimes but I’m doing really well and we are figuring this thing out! we pray more than anyone and we are everyone’s favorite companionship…like literally EVERYONE’S even the president of the MTC. good news….MY HOMESICKNESS IS GONE! i miss you guys but its not so much homesickness but rejoicing in the fact that i have an eternal family! woot. sorry my English is so bad…i can hardly speak English and i can barley speak Spanish so the situation needs to improve one way haha. i am striving so hard to be the best missionary ever and to stay upbeat and positive. sometimes its hard but with the lord, the work is easy and my burdens are light.
my scriptures GOT STOLEN!!! how does that happen….i dunno…let me know when you have an answer…i literally was so sad. they were gone for a week…then magically turned in the the reception desk…tsk tsk. just so you guys know i pray for you guys ALL THE TIME like every hour on the hour. so you guys better be getting some blessings or ill start praying more often haha.
so if you wanna picture what its like to be in Mexico with me…..close your eyes and picture this….festivals….all year round…now its day of the dead and saint day or something so they shoot of cannons….firecracker.. and fireworks…music…dancing..people never sleep so there are always a million people on the road and horns always honking 24/7 so we never get good sleep because the cannons make it sound like we are being bombed haha no joke. we haven’t had an earth quake yet and they said thats really weird because they always do. we have safe spots in case of earth quakes…fun eh. GUESS WHO I SAW. elder mosley, morley? i need to pay more attention but hes from Blanding and he is kimber mitchells younger cousin…he is going to Alabama and he left last week. so cool though. and one of my dear friends here worked with shalie flannery for 3 years. her name is hermana jensen.
my district leader was such a teard this week, he said that me and hermana maama have too many friends and we should be hang out with other people so we can learn the language fast…did i tell you that last week? i was like…uhhhh no. i can friends haha. hes kind of…..really mean. thank goodness we have a new night teacher her name is hermana coleman from Provo Utah haha and she is down here teaching until November. shes super in tune with the spirit and if one of us is struggling we stop and invite the spirit in. like i don’t know how to describe it, but she is the apatamy of what learning by the spirit truly means. the boys in my district are 18nd you can totally tell because they don’t take anything serious and i get super irritated because i think this work is so important and there isn’t anything to joke about when it comes to the gospel of Jesus Christ. but i spoke to my teachers and things are a lot better now. i actually told the boys straight up that they need to start acting like representatives of Jesus Christ and not boys. they said they were only 18 and i was like….you are adults now, this is grown up time…you aren’t here to vacation or chit chat. take the name of Christ upon yourself and start acting like it……..they don’t disrespect me anymore…was that mean?
but oh guess what…who got called on to speak in church on Sunday….me.
they don’t tell you who is speaking in church until..you get to church haha so you have to prepare a talk every week. aye aye aye. they said it has to be 80% Spanish…i did good though i prayed and studied really hard for it and i’m glad i did.
we had a devotional with my favorite person ever ELDER HOLLAND! he was super firm and we were all silent… he said very important things like GROW UP, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO HOME, I DON’T SPEND MY LIFE PREACHING SOMETHING WHEN I COULD JUST GO HOME. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. THIS ISN’T BURGER KING, YOU CANNOT, CANNOT HAVE IT YOUR WAY. i’ve never been so star struck in my life…i was hoping the elders in my district were really listening to that hahaha
last night we had another devotional from lester johnson of the 70s. he emphasized MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK over and over. actually something cool. i sang again in the devotional! my companion didn’t just me and my sweet other hermanas. we did really good. the elders….not so much haha jk but i recorded it and will send the memory card to you when i’m in Washington. we sang senor, yo te seguire ( lord i would follow thee). so powerful
this few weeks in the mtc has truly already captivated my soul. it has truly brought me closer to my savior and has personally testified to me that god does answer our prayers. this week i endured one of the first heartaches of my mission.
from the beginning me and hermana winters just clicked…she lives in utah and we flew out together…shes actually the one that mom gave the scriptures to go give to me 🙂 we were just instant best friends. she got put with a super hard 19 year old companion who only talks about m&m, percy jackson movies, and harry potter. she would pray or study or do anything. hermana winters spoke to president pratt like 4 times a week since we’ve been here, and he said no i wont switch companions…we don’t do that…you have something the lord wants to teach you…so she stuck it out. i would sit by hermana winter and listen to her concerns and hug her when she cried and i’d tell her to use the atonement…but praying for strength from the lord rather than a new situation.
on Monday at lunch she pulled me aside and told me she was going home because she couldn’t do it. i listened to her  and let her finish then i just had this burning impression to tell her this
“that Friday when Jesus cristo was humiliated, abused and ridiculed on our behalf, he didn’t complain, he didn’t go home. he suffered in Gethsemane for US for YOU. that Friday, out of all the Fridays in the world, i imagine is the darkest Friday of the worlds history. when the earth shook and storms were raging, and the temple was rent. when those who worshiped the adversary had there one little triumph. but that despair and gloom didn’t last forever, because Sunday came. when Christ was resurrected. when he broke the bonds of death. hermana, we all have our Fridays…our Gethsemane…when we feel  like the universe wont go on.. BUT. Sunday will come. SUNDAY will come, when you can walk with the savior through Gethsemane. don’t give up”
i had no idea where that came from! she told me she would think about it….i prayed so hard…i pleaded with the lord to answer my prayer and have her stay. i told me we have already lost 1/3 of of heaven and we cant lose another one.i decided to fast the next day for her to have strength. then she told me she was going home and i was utterly heart broken. she called her parents and then found me that night in class. i was expecting a good bye…..then she told me she was STAYING. i seriously broke down and cried. she said she she felt some love she hadn’t had before. and shed fast with me….she said ” i dont know why your fasting but i feel i should fast twith you” then i told her i was fasting for her.
i have never felt the saviors love so much than in that moment. he answered my prayer and she used her agency to fulfill that prayer.
i wanted to know what i had said and where it came from….it turns out it came from a talk that joesph b worthlin gave….called Sunday will come. i have never read that talk before.
i know that god lives, and that through him prayers are answered and we can use him in all things. i know that the spirit truly uses you as an instrument to speak to gods children and he used me. i am so thankful for this opportunity to be a missionary and to be the best i can be. i thank you all for the support and prayers i feel everyday. i am so grateful to be a missionary as the lord hastens his work. i love you all!
love hermana lyman

October 16, 2013

Hello from the mission field. Here are some pictures that I’ve taken so far. It is beautiful down here.

Oct 16 2013 Mtc

MTC hermana maamaMy MTC Companion, Hermana Maama.

Temple Oct 16 2013

MTC Oct 16 2013

Oct 16 2013 Bus

Oct 16 2013 MTC

Oct 16 2013 MTC SelfieThis is ME, a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

we get to go to the  temple every other week! so 3 times.!!!

one last goodbye until next wednesday when i write again….

don’t forget families are forever and ever. yay..kkkk love you!

Letter: Oct 16th 2013

So this week has crazy! literally i don{t think i will ever be normal again!!!
Dad i am getting everything you are sending me from you phone, thank you and I love you. Rylee i got yours too and I’m glad you miss me…you better or ill hammer punch you hahah
Mom i haven’t gotten any letters or packages yet 😦 boooo. i sent one too so hopefully it gets there. i have enough stamps to send a letter each week so ill send one tomorrow kk 😉
first off, thank you for supporting me in my decision to serve mission. can i just tell you the spirit here is AMAZING like all of the time. we are so lucky not to be in provo right now. literally.
we are on 90 acres of beautiful green trees flowers and houses and wonderful people EVERYWHERE. i have gotten really homesick but i haven’t companied about it to anyone because i know that complaining isn’t productive and nothing good will come out of it. I have had good times, hard times, and times of me wallowing in my own self pity for like .05 seconds. then i remember that this isn’t about me nor is this my work. this is GODS work and his gospel and his children. i am a mere vessel in the hands of the lord. in times of doubt, homesickness and trials i remember it doesn’t matter and it wont matter. i’m not worried about the language. god knows it and he will and already has blessed me immensely with the gift of tongues and of remembrance. for the past week i have been pondering my purpose. yesterday me and hermana mamma had a service project and on our way home we saw this old man worker raking the grass on the football field all by himself. we missed out study time to help rake the ENTIRE field. it doesn’t matter that we missed our study time. what matters is that our new friend jose said gracias over 20 times, we talked about the plan of salvation and how jesus rose from the dead. it was then that i realized that my purpose is to love my brothers and sisters. to serve with my whole heart no matter the price. just like our heavenly father.I am here to learn to love like my father in heaven loves us.
i have had moments of pure spanish clarity and the spirit moves my lips and I’m like whhooaaa. then there are the moments where i wanna run away. no matter the hours of sitting and burning the language into my head i will not give up. i will serve with my whole heart invested in the faith of christ.
yesterday i was really thinking….what if i did come home…then i prayed eranestly and recieved many answers to prayers. i knew that this burning spirit which i have not would cease, my love for my sisters and elders wouldnt be the same and my devotion i now have….i would question is.
we wake up at 6am everyday. even though everyone else wakes up at 630. we are in class from 730am to930pm. its worth it though. to everyone doubting their decision to serve….DONT EVER DOUBT YOUR DECISION. EVER. if we all understood the pure love and the atonemtn of christ we would ALL serve.
my first sunday was kind of sad but way happy. i missed home, but i had such a beautiful spirit. in district meeting we get called on randomly to speak…super nerve racking. aye. thankfully i didn’t have too.
the food here is….different….usually good though.. i have loads of carrots and fruit and did the know the mtc here goes through 24 big bottles of nutella a day!!! whhaaattt!!
there are about 120 sisters here and 250 elders. this mtc can hold 800 peeps.
i love this though, i now have the confirmation that i am here for a purpose and i wont be coming home early unless i’m dying.
thank you for the prayers and i can really feel them and i need them all the time. spend more time as a family and pray and read together.
we went to the temple this morning and i loved it. we got to do it in english only this time. but its gorgeous..its has amazing aztec designs and archetechure design inside and i love it.!!! please send this to grandma for me!! I LOVE HER.
TAKE CARE  of my dogs and i hope tiki is good haha. send me my Patriartical blessing when i’m in washington please 🙂
in my district there are 2 sets of sister. me and maama and these other sisters…jensen and collier…sister collier statres a lot and it makes me feel weird…whatever.
we had a devotion on sunday and even though we had only been here like 4 days they asked me and my companion to sing haha we sang accapleela? or however you spell it and it was amazing. yesterday night we had a live devotional from Dallin h oaks and his wife AMAZING. he said he have to BECOME who christ needs us to become. i totally believe it. spanish is coming awesome. the teachers only speak in spanish and in class we aren’t allowed any english. so its good. i’m working hard.
i know that this church is totally true and i love it.
yo se qe el libro de mormon es verdadero,
yo se que a dios vive,
estoy agradacido por el evalgelio y jesucristo.
i pray for you guys like 10 times a day no joke. i love you all.!!!!
look for my letter and ill look for yours too. i wish i could write longer but tell everyone hello and i love them. I LOVE YOU.
hermana Lyman.

Don’t Doubt Your Decision.

To all of the future missionaries, missionaries, and everyone who doubts the divine feeling of love and inspiration from God. I have one thing to say.


When you feel peace and complete love in any deciding factor, it’s from God. I had to remind myself of this very thing over and over and over. Before I was set apart I would constantly ask myself, “Why did I decide to do this?” “Can I do this?” “Is it worth it?”

I remember so vividly reading my inspired call from God as to where I would spend the next 18 months of my life. I had high expectations….France, Italy, Sweden….bleh bleh blah. I’d spend night after night telling the Lord “send me here, send me there…. I promise I’ll work really hard!”

I had no Idea I could fall in love with Washington before I’d even see it.

Yes it’s not some foreign place with history and crazy stories, but it’s where the Lord needs me.

I promise it’s true, the Lord qualifies who he calls. We have brothers and sisters that need our love. Maybe one day you see someone on the street who was just praying for comfort.

I promise that missions are the best thing in the world, they are truly inspired from the heart of the Lord. A mission will teach you patience, charity, love, companionship, hard work, and last and the greatest….It will teach you the value of having the gospel of Jesus Christ in your life.

Let us keep in mind one most important thing.

“Our greatest responsibility is to preach the gospel”

Being Set Apart- October 3rd 2013

I was set apart on October 3rd, 2013 at 5:30pm in the Relief Society room at the Stake center. President Christiansen conducted. My dad gave the opening prayer. President Hurst bore his testimony and quoted..

D&C 4:

President Hurst gave the most awesome blessing.

set apartset apartset apartset apart

D&C 4: 1 Now behold, a amarvelous work is about to come forth among the children of men.

 2 Therefore, O ye that embark in the aservice of God, see that ye bserve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand cblameless before God at the last day.

 3 Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are acalled to the work;

 4 For behold the afield is white already to bharvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in cstore that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul;

 5 And afaith, bhope, ccharity and dlove, with an eeye single to the fglory of God, gqualify him for the work.

 6 Remember faith, avirtue, knowledge, btemperance, cpatience, dbrotherly ekindness, fgodliness, charity, ghumility, hdiligence.

 7 aAsk, and ye shall receive; bknock, and it shall be opened unto you. Amen.


Missionary work. My mission story.

Unlike so many girls and guys who were affected by the age change in the The October 2012 conference….I was not one of them. My mission began when I received my patriacharal blessing. I remember reading it when and in the 4th paragraph 1st line I read…..You will have a desire to preach the gospel in these last days as the gospel reaches is fullness. I can’t even tell you how many times I would skip that part as I have read it over these past few years…..When I was in st. George things were looking up and one day when I was at my great friend Toni caplins house she turned around at looked at me and said..you should go on a mission…whaaaat….no way jose. Then later that year at Wheelers farewell I remember feeling something that confirmed my thoughts. For  the rest of that day I was so figgity and was so emotional I felt crazy. I knew if I prayed I’d get the answer I didn’t really want. I finally sucked up my pride and felt such a warm feeling. I remember telling my mom and dad that night. I had my papers almost ready…then the big announcement came out and I felt I needed to wait. I’m so glad I did!

This is such a broad topic- and at first I was unsure of which way to take this. Simply because I love it, I love missionaries, I love what they stand for, I hold such a high respect for the gospel and this topic that I hope I can deliver it in the words of the spirit and in the words which I am prompted to speak this day.

Brothers and sisters…..we are no ordinary beings..we are glorious and eternal… it is my prayer that when we look at our reflection, we will be able to see beyond imperfections and self-doubts and recognize who we truly are: glorious sons and daughters of the Almighty god (as stated by President Uchdorf)

We deserve the best because we ARE the best, every single one of us is here right now because we know that. The only way almost all of us knows this is because of a missionary. Whether you’ve found the gospel recently, or have generations of the gospel behind you…. Someone in your family accepted the gospel, and it has now found you.

Missionary work isn’t a new found light nor is it distant from us…. Missionary work was, from the beginning, a building block and way to prepare man to reunite with God.

As Jesus preached his whole life, and even as he rose again he spoke unto them saying “Go ye therefore, and teach ALL nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you” (Mathew 28: 19-20)

Where missionary work begins, and what the lord asks of us this one simple thing.

“come unto me.”

Such a simple term, yet this is what missionaries ( and all of us) should invite our friends, loved ones, and basically everyone to do.

It seems that this concept is so….normal for us to hear…yet…there are so many of our brothers and sisters that haven’t heard this message…this plea from the father to us.

Come unto God and he will make you strong, give you love, provide a way home, and will NEVER leave you.

Missionary work has had a huge impact on me in my life. I remember having missionary lessons at our house for our friends, having activities and fellowshipping.

I always wanted to be like the missionaries. It always seemed like they had all of the answers, were perfect, and were basically not human. Now as I have been preparing for my mission…I know for a fact that I am not perfect…. I feel like I know nothing….

I’ve witnessed the greatness the gospel brings, Ive seen hard hearts turn soft. I’ve seen sad eyes, light up with the fire of the spirit. I’ve seen men and woman baptized and felt the spirit which I assume was present even at Jesus Christs baptism.

But I’ve also seen my brothers and sisters reject the gospel. It aches my heart to know that someone could turn down the love of Christ.

When I was living in St. George my great friend and roommate decided to have a “life makeover”

Every Wednesday we’d wake up early and drive the short 5 minutes trip to the St. George temple and do baptisms for the dead. We did that every Wednesday morning from august until December. We’d come out feeling the love of the lord, and the love of the many spirits I’m sure were rejoicing on the other side.

One day after the temple we decided to walk through the visitors center on the temple grounds…from that day on I went on splits with the sister missionaries sometimes up to 5 times a week. They’d call me….”Sooo…I know you have school….but I promise if you come with us…you’ll basically get straight A’s….Oh and wear good shoes…we’ll be walking…sort of a lot.”

Sometimes it felt like we walked for-ev-er! Every door we knocked on was shut…. Or  they weren’t “home.” Some of the doors that opened had gone inactive because they had been offended by someone in their former ward….

My favorite experience was one in particular boy…

His mom was raised in the church but married into another religion and went inactive….years went by and she got divorced and was left jobless and homeless with her 2 kids. She was fellowshipped by her loving relief society and became active again. She got on her feet, found a job, bought a house…things were great. Her son on the other hand didn’t think church was worth his time. He didn’t wake up for family scriptures.

He then found out his girlfriend might be pregnant. He decided that a part time fast food job wouldn’t bring home any bacon, so he asked his mom for help. I went with the sisters to see him and at first he wouldn’t read the scriptures or pray…but eventually he prayed…ask questions and was reading every day! We showed up for his lesson…we spoke mainly about faith….at the end of the lesson…we asked him to be baptized…and he said yes!

After the lesson we called him mom and hold her the news….over the phone we didn’t hear her say anything…we heard gentle sobs and her saying thank you….thank you.

It’s moments like this that makes me realize the love Christ has for us and that when we reach out for him….he will grab us. He will walk besides us, every second of every day if we ask him too.

I know that the church is true, I know there is God and he is a God of truth, covenant, grace, mercy, and unconditional love.

I know that if we come unto him, he will never leave. I know that the gospel has been restored to it’s fullness today. I know that the Lord is coming again, sooner than we think. I know that the Book of Mormon is with out a doubt a true book of God.

I know that Jesus suffered in Gethsemene for me, I know that god can bestow mercy on me and break the bands of justice if I use the atonement.

I know that I am putting my full faith in the lord to go where he want’s me to go, and be who he wants me to be, and that he is continually calling me.

I hope to declare myself as a disciple of God everyday for the rest of my life, and to look God in the eye and tell him I served him and put my faith in him.

I know that when I do my part and obey his words, I become a mouth piece for him. I am scared of learning a new language and scared of how broken my Spanish may be for a while but a promise from the lords promises me that

“ He will lift up my heart and rejoice, for the hour of my mission is come, my toungue shall be loosed and I will declare glad tidings of great joy unto this generation.”

I love this so much. And I love all of you.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.