Don’t Doubt Your Decision.

To all of the future missionaries, missionaries, and everyone who doubts the divine feeling of love and inspiration from God. I have one thing to say.


When you feel peace and complete love in any deciding factor, it’s from God. I had to remind myself of this very thing over and over and over. Before I was set apart I would constantly ask myself, “Why did I decide to do this?” “Can I do this?” “Is it worth it?”

I remember so vividly reading my inspired call from God as to where I would spend the next 18 months of my life. I had high expectations….France, Italy, Sweden….bleh bleh blah. I’d spend night after night telling the Lord “send me here, send me there…. I promise I’ll work really hard!”

I had no Idea I could fall in love with Washington before I’d even see it.

Yes it’s not some foreign place with history and crazy stories, but it’s where the Lord needs me.

I promise it’s true, the Lord qualifies who he calls. We have brothers and sisters that need our love. Maybe one day you see someone on the street who was just praying for comfort.

I promise that missions are the best thing in the world, they are truly inspired from the heart of the Lord. A mission will teach you patience, charity, love, companionship, hard work, and last and the greatest….It will teach you the value of having the gospel of Jesus Christ in your life.

Let us keep in mind one most important thing.

“Our greatest responsibility is to preach the gospel”


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