Letter: Oct 16th 2013

So this week has crazy! literally i don{t think i will ever be normal again!!!
Dad i am getting everything you are sending me from you phone, thank you and I love you. Rylee i got yours too and I’m glad you miss me…you better or ill hammer punch you hahah
Mom i haven’t gotten any letters or packages yet 😦 boooo. i sent one too so hopefully it gets there. i have enough stamps to send a letter each week so ill send one tomorrow kk 😉
first off, thank you for supporting me in my decision to serve mission. can i just tell you the spirit here is AMAZING like all of the time. we are so lucky not to be in provo right now. literally.
we are on 90 acres of beautiful green trees flowers and houses and wonderful people EVERYWHERE. i have gotten really homesick but i haven’t companied about it to anyone because i know that complaining isn’t productive and nothing good will come out of it. I have had good times, hard times, and times of me wallowing in my own self pity for like .05 seconds. then i remember that this isn’t about me nor is this my work. this is GODS work and his gospel and his children. i am a mere vessel in the hands of the lord. in times of doubt, homesickness and trials i remember it doesn’t matter and it wont matter. i’m not worried about the language. god knows it and he will and already has blessed me immensely with the gift of tongues and of remembrance. for the past week i have been pondering my purpose. yesterday me and hermana mamma had a service project and on our way home we saw this old man worker raking the grass on the football field all by himself. we missed out study time to help rake the ENTIRE field. it doesn’t matter that we missed our study time. what matters is that our new friend jose said gracias over 20 times, we talked about the plan of salvation and how jesus rose from the dead. it was then that i realized that my purpose is to love my brothers and sisters. to serve with my whole heart no matter the price. just like our heavenly father.I am here to learn to love like my father in heaven loves us.
i have had moments of pure spanish clarity and the spirit moves my lips and I’m like whhooaaa. then there are the moments where i wanna run away. no matter the hours of sitting and burning the language into my head i will not give up. i will serve with my whole heart invested in the faith of christ.
yesterday i was really thinking….what if i did come home…then i prayed eranestly and recieved many answers to prayers. i knew that this burning spirit which i have not would cease, my love for my sisters and elders wouldnt be the same and my devotion i now have….i would question is.
we wake up at 6am everyday. even though everyone else wakes up at 630. we are in class from 730am to930pm. its worth it though. to everyone doubting their decision to serve….DONT EVER DOUBT YOUR DECISION. EVER. if we all understood the pure love and the atonemtn of christ we would ALL serve.
my first sunday was kind of sad but way happy. i missed home, but i had such a beautiful spirit. in district meeting we get called on randomly to speak…super nerve racking. aye. thankfully i didn’t have too.
the food here is….different….usually good though.. i have loads of carrots and fruit and did the know the mtc here goes through 24 big bottles of nutella a day!!! whhaaattt!!
there are about 120 sisters here and 250 elders. this mtc can hold 800 peeps.
i love this though, i now have the confirmation that i am here for a purpose and i wont be coming home early unless i’m dying.
thank you for the prayers and i can really feel them and i need them all the time. spend more time as a family and pray and read together.
we went to the temple this morning and i loved it. we got to do it in english only this time. but its gorgeous..its has amazing aztec designs and archetechure design inside and i love it.!!! please send this to grandma for me!! I LOVE HER.
TAKE CARE  of my dogs and i hope tiki is good haha. send me my Patriartical blessing when i’m in washington please 🙂
in my district there are 2 sets of sister. me and maama and these other sisters…jensen and collier…sister collier statres a lot and it makes me feel weird…whatever.
we had a devotion on sunday and even though we had only been here like 4 days they asked me and my companion to sing haha we sang accapleela? or however you spell it and it was amazing. yesterday night we had a live devotional from Dallin h oaks and his wife AMAZING. he said he have to BECOME who christ needs us to become. i totally believe it. spanish is coming awesome. the teachers only speak in spanish and in class we aren’t allowed any english. so its good. i’m working hard.
i know that this church is totally true and i love it.
yo se qe el libro de mormon es verdadero,
yo se que a dios vive,
estoy agradacido por el evalgelio y jesucristo.
i pray for you guys like 10 times a day no joke. i love you all.!!!!
look for my letter and ill look for yours too. i wish i could write longer but tell everyone hello and i love them. I LOVE YOU.
hermana Lyman.

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