Letter: October 30th, 2013

whatcha doin….? you miss me? i miss you and love you like CRAAAZZZYYY
so this week has been awesome….i hope i can remember everything that happened because i left my list in the casa O_o
where to start….
kk so last pday was a dream…like i loved it and i got so much done!! then friday and Saturday flew by like it was 1 hour! on Sunday i didn’t have to speak again, woot woot but they asked me to play to piano so i did and it was amazing to finally play the piano again. i miss is…so guess what. there’s this couple that are a branch president and our branches are combined so their names are the Christensen and they are from Monticello and they are so sweet! they took a picture with me. every time i see them sister Christensen gives me a big hug and yells SAN JUAN!! haha thats right i’m representing 😉
on Sunday we also had a district fast for an elder in our branch…elder starkey, he feels like he is pressured to be here and church is ruining his life….gosh.
so we all fasted for him for him to have strength and love and  whatever else he needs….i dunno. all i can say is….make sure a mission is your own choice…it really puts a damper on things if your a terd.
later that day we have a man name Steve allen speak to us. he is the international director for every single mtc. woah….he was so nice and so fun and SO FIRM.
he told us that the church has never had an mtc like mexico…90 acres…houses…dorms…classrooms…full football fields, tennis courts…he said that we a little peace of enochs city and that this is how it will be like after the second coming….i loved it. i believe it.
he also said…  DON’T BE STUPID. he gave really sad examples of a missionary who left his companion and is now in jail for assaulting little kids. he told us a story of 6 missionaries that stayed out passed curfew….decided to make bombs and got thrown in jail….stupid stupid.
then we had a devotional, this time elder holland wasn’t live…drats….but he is always so firm. he said that serve like our life depends on it because it does….because we are only giving 2 years and we need/have an obligation to the lord to bring souls to him.
i got your package and the letters from rylee and kam and jenni in the same day!! i was so excited i cried and then ate the chocolate you gave me…i’m saving some for Halloween….guess what….HOW IS IT REALLY ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!  where is the time going…no say.
so i had a way friend in the missionary store here….and he had this way awesome Mexico jersey and i was like….hey…can you get me one of those. so hes hooking my whole district up with jerseys! with our last name and the number 11 because that’s our district number how cool!!! and they are only like 30 USA dollars…SO Excited.
also i just got a thing saying i have another package but i don’t get it until friday but I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!
we went to the temple today for the 2nd time and we had to do it all in Spanish….so scary haha they have the old movie so you can read lips and figure out where you are. i sat by this girl who has a son out on a mission and she was crying the whole time and was telling me what was going on haha she gave me a big hug and told me thank you for sacrificing your life for 18 months…her family are converts and now her son is on a mission 🙂 it warms my heart.
this week has been super good because i have never relayed on the lord more for love and support and encouragement. my companion is superify with her mood and i take a deep breath…say a prayer and focus on the work.
i read this and i felt the spirit so strong.
mom thank you for the scriptures in your letter…i read them all of the time. i am doing really good in the language i can speak basically fully with some help on phrases but other than that i’m doing good in it. i’ve hit some road bumps that have been hard, but i study hard and work harder.
family….please continue in family prayer and study…it is so important, and its the only way to invite the spirit in as a whole, into the home. this gospel is so true and i love it with my whole heart. everyday i wake up early because i want to, because the work needs to be done. i want to serve and be the kind of missionary that when i get on the plane home… i want to hear the spirit whisper in my ear “good job my faithful servant” i believe this is the only way we can become gods and eternal, not just immortal. only through the gospel of Jesus Christ can we be made whole and clean again and again. next week i wont forget my list of things to write and so ill write more. tell grandpa i love him thank you so much for what he has done. tell grandma i love her more and cant wait to see her again. i love you all so much and i know this is restored truth.
a mission is more than serving and converting investigators. you have to convert yourself before you can convert anyone else.
so then, shall we not go on in such a great cause?
hermana lyman

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