My life at the MTC in Pictures

SAM_0814 SAM_0817

Me and hermana Winters. She loves fruit. HAHA

SAM_0796 SAM_0797 SAM_0798


me and hermana Mamma

SAM_0793this is me and my hermana’s that share a room.


i know the second one is fuzzy but its what i see out my class room building the basketball land tennis and then Mexico city on the hill. so pretty
SAM_0803and the crazy rain! the lil bit of turquoise you see is what the earthquake safe spots look like. where we stand.

**all pictures were sent on October 23rd, 2013**


One thought on “My life at the MTC in Pictures

  1. Hola Hermana Lyman, Just read your entire blog. What a great way to keep everyone up to date on your mission. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and seeing all the beautiful pictures. It sounds like you are really growing and I hope the language continues to come easily for you (with a great deal of study). May the Lord continue to bless and watch over you. Love your Aunt Joni.

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