Letter Week 5- Nov 6th, 2013

familia!! how are you all doing?!

This week has been another
confirmation of the amazing love and support and truthfulness of the
Atonement if Jesus Christ.

I  know that through him you can be strengthens to endure challenges and situations…not change them. I
learned that missionary work has to be done the lords way, or it doesn’t get done. I learned that OBEDIENCE is the first of law of
missionary work, and should be the first law of life. I learned that the miracle of a mission is

1. This opportunity to serve God all day
everyday for 18 months will never come again.

2. because of that Its
so important to embrace every minute and enhance every hour. and

3. no matter what….you must suffer the will of father. The only way to
learn is to have trials and hardships. BUT only though trials can we
come one with the savior…who is Jesus Christ. Elder starkey is doing
better….i think? This last Sunday was fast Sunday….i LOVED IT.
this was my 3rd time fasting, and it was amazing. I prayed as much as
I could and I asked specific blessing and its amazing how I  received
specific answers 🙂

Theres a sweet little sister here who just left…her name is Hermana Smith…shes going to
Nashville TN. and her family hasn’t written her once since shes been out ;( how sad. How lucky and I to have a family that loves me and
write me! Also, one of my Elder friends….Elder Elliot had to go home? He had a pornography problem and wasnt worthy to be out here. It broke my poor little heart….mostly because…satan is a terd. If I could….Id probably hammer punch him. But its that…Satan finds things, he finds weaknesses and then he tells you itll be okay….I was just reading in the book of Mormon in Alma where it says something like ” you can now see that the Devil isnt there for the souls he drags down….” its so true….true happiness and exaltation isn’t worth any of satans tempations.


Ive already learned so much and loved so much. Oh my guess what! MOM remember that sweet sister I went through
the temple with in Salt Lake…she had curly hair….SHES HERE! haha we’ve been here together for like 4 weeks (shes a week in head of me…she just left too) and I got a picture with her to send to you. how coolio. I LOVE pday…love love love….in my planner i have “7am-breakfast…” ….”730am-5pm: Spiritual Paradise”…..”530- dinner”…”530-930pm: Spiritual prision (class)….” hahaha but i love
it. and I’m embracing it…

I LOVE ALL OF YOU thank you for the opportunity i have to be here….to all of you that have made this
possible 🙂 love: Hermana Lyman


One more thing…I want all of you to Read Alma 30;8-9. these scriptures have forever shaped who i want to become. in Alma vs 8 it say “choose ye this day whom ye will serve”. who will we choose to serve day by day. it doesn’t matter how little you serve the lord, wake up with prayer and pray throughout the day and ask…how can I serve the lord this day.

in Alma 30:9 it talks about how serving the lord is a privilege. i know that this is sacred calling and should be looked upon with the highest respect and we should all care. I know that serving the lord is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. be prepared everyday to offer up your will, your sins, your shortcomings. and to give them to the lord, in return be expected to accept his will, his love, and his comfort. This way and only this way can we become the missionaries we need to be. we all have the potential to be CELESTIAL members, people, and missionaries. its what is expected of us and it is what we need to become. through prayer everyday, scriptures study ( family night, scripture study and family prayer) we can return to live with him. Accept the atonement of Jesus Christ into every aspect of your life, the time of the lords coming is coming, and it is expedient to be obedient in every way and everyday.
I love you all!!
hermana lyman

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