Nov 18th Letter & Pictures


This is my last day in Mexico! How cool is this! πŸ™‚
Oh so yeah we are basically on email forever tonight because guess what? we are finished with the ccm! woot i had my last class this morning and have just been packing and printing off our travel info! how cool!

Guess what though, I leave the CCM tomorrow at 2:30am….holy early..the lord is for sure hastening his work…and also hastening the time we wake up haha.
This week has been awesome! for sure the best week yet at the ccm. I love it, this is the garden of eden and anything is possible here. BUT I am so excited to start my time in washington! literally so exctied. the CCM has taught me so much and I already feel 20 years spiritually older….ive been praying so hard that my first companion will be sweet and compasionate and loves serving the lord.
when i get to washington i have lots to send you, at walmart im gunna buy another camera memory card and send home my 2 that are full so you can dump them on the computer then send them back πŸ™‚
I sent you a letter so look out for it!
guess what was the total pits today though….2 days ago we all left our bags in the classroom for lunch in the lockers and someone stole $100 from me and $250 from an elder and $20 and $30 from someone else. we all reported and the church is doing something not quite sure…but that sucks and i was super disapointed BUT i decided that if they needed it that bad i cant be unchrist like.
so blah.
So my flight itinerary is this I fly out of Mexico at 615am then get to Dallas at 8:45am! then after we get off the plane we will find our gate and CALL HOME! I’m so excited! to call!
SAM_0162me district on our last day…TODAY
SAM_0168some of my favorite people!
SAM_0218me and my friend elder lloyd- hes on the Harvard football team

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