Washington Week 2 December 2nd 2013

My dear beloved family,

How are you all doing and how was your Thanksgiving and birthday party for me that you had without me? 🙂 haha Just kidding,
This week has been AWESOME! Even though every week is awesome. We have 6 new investigators! and we have found them all from contacting and tracting except for 1.
The cool tender mercy for this week was that we are working with Rigoberto and Patricia. Rigo is still legally married but cant find his wife to get divorced, and him and patricia have 3 kids together. So gettng baptised is pretty difficult for the moment. But, we felt like we need to understand if baptism is something that is the long term goal and if so, we wanted to teach them about fasting and invite them to fast with us this past week. So we asked them and it was so hard to get an answer out of them and they didnt wanna fast because of this or that or blaahhhh. But they fnially understood and we had them each write down a question they had for god that they could pray about during their fast. So we did that and prayed with them to start the fast for all of us. This was saturday and sunday morning when we got to church we didnt see them. (in our branch we have sunday school first, then relief society, the sacrament) So they didnt show up during sunday school…..me and hermana were like..where are they? and we had already been thinking if we needed to drop them because they havent been putting forth any effot. So I turned to hermana andersen and was like “how cool would it be if they still showed up?” then in the middle of relief society patricia walked in! I was so happy and my swelled up! then after sacrament meeting we spoke with them about if they kept their fast and what not, and they were like “we did, and we prayed everytime we went to the bathroom just you said so we wouldnt forget and I didnt get hungry and I felt really peaceful.” We were both so happy and new that God was telling us to keep going with them. So we broke the fast and gave them all and orange 🙂
I know that the Lord preserves people that he knows are ready and that the spirit is the real teacher. This week for my Birthday was so werid! mostly because I wasnt home and everything but It was still so awesome! 🙂 Everyone sang me happy birthday in spanish and we went to Carmens house for dinner and she made a delicous dinner and even a bright blue mexican cake! I was so happy and I couldn’t have asked for a better day.
We are going to target today to get some warm clothes and Im SO excited!
I know this church is true, I know that the things we learn and true and simple. I know that no matter how many times I get rejected and doors shut in my face that I am grateful for the 1 that lets us in, or the one that lets me bare my testimony. I am grateful the hardships and for the language barrier because I know that one day I will understand the Lagrange better, but for now….Im where I am needed and I am learning what I need to be learning.
I love you all so much and am so grateful for prayers. I pray for you all of the time.
Do work and dont be a bunch of bums….the lord needs servants! 🙂
Dont forget about me 🙂

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