2 Month Mark!!

Dear Family,

This week went by SO FAST I can’t even tell you! I feel like it was just last Monday! So I’ve been 22 for a week now….I’m old.
This week has been so good and has helped me build my faith loads and loads.
I’ll start by saying thank you for the birthday packages family and aunt diane! I was like a kid on christmas time haha. I didnt wait to get home! Aunt Diane, we have been watching conference non stop! I was so happy! I LOVE YOU!
But I don’t even know where to start this week….
So we had a lesson with Pilar and Jose…Jose is so ready is crazy and pilar is wanting to find the truth but feels guilt because she has attended so many churches she doesnt want God to be mad at her. As soon as I heard her say this My heart filled with joy because I new she was ready and I knew the spirit was ready to testify to her as well.
We asked Jose if he wanted to pray at the end of the lesson and he said the nicest and sweetest prayer that just filled my heart….some of the things he said where ” Thanks for sending us the girl missionaries to help us know who you are, and showing me how i can live too”
I have never felt the spirit so strong in such a sincer and simple prayer.
This week has also been hard with Rigoberto and Patricia because the divorce is so complicated and they aren’t keeping commitments but they still want the churches help with money, food and my heart is torn in so many directions, I’ve never prayed so hard for them. SO keep them in your prayers….they got a notice of eviction yesterday and we are working with them and their manager to at least let them stay for Christmas.
Through this I have learned the lord has plan for every single of of his children no matter what the circumstance.
This week I have read 3rd Nephi up too Ether and I have learned that the Lord is coming to heal us and to lift us up…
I LOVE YOU ALL sooo sooo soo much! I got the letter from mom and grams and I was happy! my comp gets like 3 letters a day…no joke. And I get like 1 a week WHICH I AM GRATEFUL FOR. But…… 🙂

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