Hello my dear sweet loving beloved family,

Hi. what are you guys going and do you still remember me?
Hahah just kidding. I know you do because I still remember YOU!
So this week went by faster than last week…HOW! I want my weeks back!
This week was full of miracles and love and the hand of god in everything!
P.S. guess what is exciting…9 days till I call!
Everyone says that calling home is like a first date and you get super nervous hahah!
I dont know where to start but let me give you the miracles of the week kk. So we had the BEST lesson with Claudia! We finally formally got her on date for the 11 of January! MY FIRST BAPTISM!
We finished the restauracion and then the next lesson we started the plan de salvacion but she wouldnt let us leave until we taught the WHOLE lesso nbecause she was so amazed so that lesson was long but then after she was like wow…We had taught her about the priesthood and she asked for a blessing. On sunday (yesterday) she came to church (YAY) and  it was the best day ever!
We had 3 baptisms on saturday night and so in sacrament meeting we had 3 confirmations and the spirit was SO strong. I started to cry and so did my comp and even Claudia. The prayers of the gift of the holy ghost was so strong and powerful. Even the sacrament was strong. This was Hermana Jaramillos last sunday, she goes home on Tuesday! tomorrow! So we sister missionaries had prepared a special song…we sang my song Savior Reedemer and called to serve. We sang it in spaniish and The spirit was so strong…maybe because we are missionaries I dunno but Hma. Jaramillo started crying and everyone in the audiance was and even bishop. Such a blessed special opportunity. Then after church we went with the elders and Claudia recived her blessing…she was crying before they put their hands on her head, then after she was like thank you…thank you. then she came back and sat iwth us and was like…wow…what is this haha 🙂
Then I asked for one because I have been having really bad headahces everyday for a long time and I know that through christ he can heal. So in my blessing I got more than I bargined for. They blessed me and promised me that my family is being watched over by angels. That I am promised that you guys will be taken care of while im gone, and because my time is precious everyday to the Lord, that he will take the time to keep you guys safe and protected from harm. I was promised the gift of tounge and interpretation. Many other things that I cannot write right now, but I know that if you guys are living in the ways of the Lord….prayer, family night, scripture, bed on time….that you will be blessed. But, Im not home to make sure these things happen. SO its up to you guys to use your agency and to be obedient. To act and not to be acted upon.
Then later that night we had a stake event and every ward in our stake prepared a christmas song and we all met at the stake center and sang and had a christmas program and it was so fun! we sang Regocijad- Jesus Nacio ( joy to the world) and the spirit was just….SO AWESOME!
Also guess what we get to do today…since its hermana jaramillos last day we are gonig to Red Robin as a distric and they going on the ferry to an island and going to light houses! Because guess what… I live like 3 miles away from the Ocean! HOW COOL IS THAT HUH!
So news with Rigo and Pat…..muy malo. We need to drop them. My heart is so ached by this, but I cant teach them and expected to be baptised if they wont act.
I have a testimony of the work and the sacred divinity of the Gods children. That each one is a precious creation, that each child has a purpose in life, that every single one of Gods children is a special gift. I love this, I love my mission, I love my life and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that only though the light of the gospel we have a chance to change for the better and to become agents unto ourselves. The time of the coming of the lord is near, and its our responsiblity to make sure that we are ready. I know that Jesucristo is the the only begotten son of the father and that through him all men can be saved.
This christmas season is so special and so are all of you. I love you so much. too the moon and back!
🙂 Love Hma. L!

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