Regocijad! Jesus Nacio!

Hola Familia!


Can you believe that it is almost Christmas and also, how the heck is it monday again! I need time to slow down! hahah I feel like time is flying by and I have so much work to get done and people to see and teach and there just isn’t enough time!
This week has for sure been a week of trial, but a week of great joy. we have 2 people date for January!
Claudia is on for Jan 10
Diana is on for Jan 11
The Lord has prepared people all around! It boggles my mind that he is just giving us people left and right it is crazy!!
So I dont remember if I talked about Maria and Marco last time? We met them tracting and I can to a door and had a feeling to knock it and wow are they prepared or what.
at the moment they are studying with 5 different religions! And when we were teaching the first vision de Jose Smith it was SO powerful and Maria was crying and she was like I KNOW WHICH ONE IS TRUE! everytime we speak and testify she cries and its so powerful!
Then…..we have the biggest trial yet….the dear sweet son of God…Edgar.
We met him because We knocked the wrong door but he was open so we taught him but he has a complicated history.
He grew up in a gang, is the head over the seattle portion of his gang, has killed people, he calls the shots, he does the drugs and collects the money hes pretty hardcore.
He was recently “saved” by the baptist church but is still looking for truth. But he is super discrepectful when It comes to mission rules and our doctrine. So we dropped him last night, but then we decided we are handing him off to the elders this friday so YAYA! but I have never had the hardest time teaching the gospel and keeping the spirit. I love the lord.
He invtied us to a baptist sermon and we went. And they were totally trying to “fellowship” us hahaha. So funny. But naw sorry….
But another great experience and time to really strengthen my testimony about the church. He told us we were just crazy people and that he doesnt think alot of people could believe out message.
I guess he just isnt ready.
Through thick and thin I love this gospel and I am SO grateful to have the knowledge of the gospel.
I am sorry this email is short, but LOVE YOU ALL!
Hna L 🙂

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