Christmas and New Years!


Wow! This week has been sooooo fun and awesome..partially because I was able to facetime and talk and have a blast! That was so fun to see everyone and see that you all are alive and actually exist and I don’t make you guys up  like I feel that I do.
So guess what….Its transfers….annnnd….We got a phone call on friday saying  Hermana Andersen is training again…which means that either we are going to be a 3 pack or one of us is getting transferred! I cant tell you how crazy this weekend has been because of it. But, we have both been praying and trying to figure this out and we both feel like we are staying here and will be a 3 pack…aye…
So I want to thank everyone for the packages, the cards, the letters! I have LOVED them and I wish I had time to write letters but I havent had a day yet, ooops…the work calls.
This week has a special week for me because I have been trying to be better in many ways, I have been trying to push myself in the language and pushing myself to be more hardcore bascially. This weekend I saw growth in myself and growth in the gospel and I know that its only because of my Heavenly Father and his help. My ability to speak the language is continuing to skyrocket and the ability to understand is also. I remember not being able to understand a lick of spanish and now its awesome to see that completely change. Anything is possible with the Lord on your side.
Also…my favorite day of week this week was Saturday…because we went on exchanges with the other spanish sisters in Everett and it was so fun! we are in Lynnwood and I stayed here and Hermana Andersen went to Everett with Hermana Pellegrini ( who is related to Tony Pellegrini In Cedar- He is her uncle!)
Hermana Wahlstrom came with me and I drove for the first time in 3 months and I thought we were going to die hahah.
But we had the funnest day!
First- everyone here thinks that I am an indian from India so they try to speak to me in their native tounge…so we got attacked by like 7 indians trying to convert us pentacostle…then we had missionaried by a missionary for Buddahism…them we met this creepy old man who believes that jesus is the “energy of the earth” and then we were walking away and this man rolls down his window and turns out he is a senior missionary and was like “Hey sisters! want a 25lb turkey?!” I was like….”wait are you serious?” So we now have a 25lb turkey.. THEN…we met these 16 year old boys up to no good and I gave a pass along card and one of the boys was like “I could probably paint this..” It was a pictures of christ with the lamanites and I was like “great…you paint it…call us, and we’ll teach about what you just painted” haha who knows if that will actually happen. Then I met a man who belongs to group called the Rainy City Heros…and him and his friends dress up as “non threating” super heros and walk the streets and intervine in crime…
I have had such the week hahah
I have never been so happy and had so many trials but been so happy! I am convinced that EVERYBODY needs to go on a mission because its where the real life is at!
I have been stuyding alot and I have been learning more and more about who God is. I hope that one day everytime I contact someone I can bring them closer to God. Because the more you learn about God and the plan he has for all of us…the more I want everyone to have it! Its so precious and speical and sometime I wanna shake people because they dont know what it is. But one day I know we can all have it. I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve. I LOVE IT!
untill next week…
Love Hma L!

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