Lake Stevens

You all probably know this already but guess what! I have been transferred! Wow! To Lake Stevens WA. It is small and cute and I love it! I am in a 4 pac….yuup that’s right….4 pac
My awesome companions are Hermana Hansen, Bain, and Maama.
This has already been an awesome growing experience and I love it up here! the area needs A LOT of work…but good work. mostly like getting things organized and orderly and understanding the sacred purpose of the area book and the people we find. I am excited to grow with my companions.
This week I had the very special opportunity to grow really close to my dear sweet Hermana Bain. We have had lots of experiences together- and really love the work and the people…and the fact that we can all grow close to God by loving everyone!
We have another really hard investigator name Tomas….he reminds me Edgar in the sense that he is not open and receptive…so we will have to see what the lord wants done.
Also, I have learned how important it is to teach by example and by love. because that is the way the savior taught and that’s how we learn best.
When I first got here….Hermanas Hansen and maama were just getting over fighting and doing better- Hansen was convinced the work was blah and the area was dead…so that made maama think the same thing…and poor Bain was having a hard time dealing with the tension of the other 2 hermanas…
So when I got here there was a lot that I was thrown into. But I prayed a lot and I thought a lot and read my scriptures…ALOT.
That’s when Bain and I got really close and I started checking up on her everyday and I encouraged her to write down tender mercies of the lord everyday.
Ive been being really loving and positive with Hermana Hansen and trying to help her see her potential in this area and on her mission. I have ben very patient and even more lovin with Hermana maama. I love her personality and I know that once she gets the language she will be soild. I have seen so much growth in them all this week and I am so proud!
I SEE THE POTENTIAL OF THIS AREA and I am not leaving this area until it reaches that potential because there are the children of the lord. I am not leaving.
I have been studying the Pearl of Great Price these past couple days and have 1 chapter until Im finished reading it all…I invite you all to read it because it is amazing and I have learned so much about God, and about his loving characteristics. I wish everyone knew God like this…
Last night Hermana Bain and I went tracting to some people and decided to tract this neighbor hood…for 3 hours we were knocking..and since Hispanics are harder to find here we do a lot of English contacts….we didn’t get inside 1 door….we had doors slammed in our face one after another and huge dog run after us…but as we were walking away from another door..i looked at Hermana bain and I was like…
“I love this….I want to do this all night” she responded and said “me too, I love this”
every door that is closed and every person that isn’t interested is another testimony builder…another time I get to give thanks to the lord and pray for strength.
I have never used hand warmer and toe warmers as much as I have here…nor have I ever been so cold…but I love it…I love meeting people that need the gospel in their lives. I love every  single aspect of missionary work.
I have a testimony that God has a plan for everysingle one of us. That he is loving…we are the work of his own hands. Christ loves us so much that he died for us…he drank the  bitter cup for us…that is the only way we can return. So it isn’t fair for me to ask…why is this so hard…it wasn’t easy for Christ so why would it be easy for me.
I love this gospel. I love my companions- I love Lake Stevens…I love my mission I LOVE YOU ALL! This area will build me and polish me and I love every second!
until next week….love Hermana lyman!

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