Lake Stevens Week 2

This week went by so fast!
I have no ideas where time goes….its crazy..and guess what, we only have 4 weeks until next transfers and Im pretty sure Im getting transferred, but I don’t know yet…its just what I feel right now, but one thing is for sure that The Lord ALWAYS has his plan and Ill take it!
This week my companionship grew in unity and love and the ability to work today. I cracked down on the area book and we spent 4 hours going over EVERYTHING! And its still not done but it is now at least functional! I love that book!
Then we had awesome lessons and we had 6 days of hard core tracting and being detectives…I don’t think my feet have ever been so sore or have been all of these colors hahah
But the other day Hermana bain and I were tracting and it was a straight up downpore! haha my “waterproof” boots are no longer waterproof and I have never been so wet! we would knock on peoples doors and we would be wet and our hair was like just took a shower and theyd be like….can you come back another time? haha and so we’d say yes and keep going..then the housing coordinators passed us…bro and sister brown, they are awesome and they gave us a ride-then when we got out of the car there was literally a puddle in their back seat and they said when the car needed cleaning theyd call us…but at least we got a ride for a few blocks..this week We are going to ask president for bikes because when the 4 of us separate 2 get the car and the other 2 walk..and walking takes a lot of time. So I hope President will give us bikes!
But this week has sure been a hardship week, so me personally. Most of it trying to figure out how to have been faith, how to build it, and how to exersice it, its a huge challenge but little by little I am learning and little by little I am growing and that is why I am here…I am not here to be perfect.
I also gained a huge testimony on the protection that missionaries receive.
The same day that is was raining more than usual Hermana bain and I were just walking and talking when this car stops to turn and the car behind it swerves onto the shoulder where Hermana and I were walking…Right infront of us! We are so lucky that we weren’t hit and were okay!
not only that example but just everyday we are proteceted and I love it! Its a huge blessing and I want to be a missionary forever…maybe president monson will come out will a “life mission” some of the prophets in the Book of Mormon had…totally kidding. but ya never know!
One weird thing that has been stressed upon us is being prepared with food storage and water….so its a sign GET PREPARED!!
Anyway I wish I could remember more….darn.
But I guess the only thing that matters is that the gospel is true and I love it! I love waking up everyday with the spirit and love.
What I love about being a missionary is that we always get to look for POTENTIAL.
EVERYONE HAS POTENTIAL! we can all grow and grow and become better and better! what better message is there than that, the message that we can all help each other out and become perfect like our father in heaven. I LOVE YOU ALL!
Happy Monday!
Hna L

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