January 20th, 2014

Hola mi familia bonita!
How are you doing this week and what’s new in B-town?
So this week was amazing! I am learning so much and I have so much to grow but everyday its getting better and I am getting stronger 🙂
I wrote dad and told him that I watch conference from October that Aunt Diane sent me.. and there’s this saying President Monson says “the stronger the wind, the stronger the timber” and I can testify that it is totally true, I prayed for work, but I was given a different work first, the becoming of a missionary for the Lord is hard, but it is worth is!
So, this week I was blessed with the gift of a humble heart.
Ill start from the beginning….So we went to the school and helped at the food bank for the kids that don’t have anything and for the general public and we organized food just helped them out, so fun, then they gave us food to give away to the homeless people we run into, and we were like…okay! but we don’t really run into people…but we took the food anyway trying to figure out who we could give it to, then Hermana Maama and I were in Cavalero (an area) and we went into Albertsons to wash our hands and while I was waiting for Hermana, I met this woman named Hope.
When I went to wash my hands Hermana Maama talked to her, after I came back and hope went in, Hermana Maama told me a little about what she had found out about Hope.
Hope had actually lived in Kaysville Utah, she was in an abusive relationship and before she ran away she went to temple square because she wanted to go into the “castle” the temple, and when she found out she couldn’t she was like…”why!? I’m a beautiful daughter of God too aren’t I” so cute. So then she hid money and ran away to the first place she could afford a bus ticket….Seattle.
So she has been living in the shelter for 1 week and is trying to find a job, she saved up enough to come up the cavalero and she was just in Albertsons to by a thing of Jello, and she would just have enough to get back to the shelter. So we were like…we are going to give her the food!
When she came out of the restroom we told her we were going to give her the food and she was so shocked! and then she was like…”wait I have to buy jello, I’ve been saving my quarters!”
So we walked with her to get jello and she was like “darn! this jello is $2.50..i can ration for a week.” I have a special place in my heart for women like Hope and I could see her pain and feel her sorrow….So I told hope that I was going to buy jello for her..and she was like “no its okay its okay!” but I bought her jello….and she started crying and she gave me the biggest hug.
She told us that she was in cavalero for a reason and she knew God had put us in her place for a reason and she was going to find out why! We taught her a lesson at the bus stop and we have her a book of Mormon. She was so sweet and she did not want to get on the bus to leave and I didn’t want her to either.
This week was awesome, even though that’s only a 1 hour example….its an example that God LOVES EVERYSINGLE ONE OF US!
Its small moments like this that have the biggest impact on my heart.
I know that this church is Gods church, it is not mans church. I can even count how many times I have heard…”naw im okay I have a church”
But the question we ask isn’t…do you have a church?
The invitation we give is….will you come unto Christ?
Its so simple we overlook the plainness and simplicity of the gospel, we can read in the books of Nephi and Alma how they rejoiced in the plainness of the gospel, and its true, everything we need to know and teach- we can learn in primary.
What an awesome gift we have of the spirit and the light of the world!
I love you all SO much! Seriously you guys are the greatest and spoil me to much.
But the gospel calls so Im off to work!
until next week,
Con Amor,
Hermana Lyman

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