Strength through Trails

Dear Family!
Heellllllooooo from Washington!
How are you all doing and what are you doing!!?
This week was Amazingly awesome… and Amazingly the hardest week to date of the mission. I testify that what Richard G. Scott is true…..”When a wise Heavenly Father feels it necessary for you to grow he will give you trials, sometimes simultaneously, when they aren’t consequences for disobedience then they are meant for growth and improvement….” This isn’t exactly what he says but its the part that I remember that impacted me the most. 
I know that I haven’t been disobedient, so these trials are meant for my growth, as hard as they are, and as many times as I find myself on my knees….They are indeed from the wisdom of Heavenly Father. Yesterday I received a blessing from our awesome Zone leaders and I had so many answers to prayers! I had been praying and reading a lot individually, and trying to receive personal revelation and petition the Lord, but sometimes…the best thing to do is to just get a blessing. That way I don’t leave it to myself to confuse the simple answer from Heavenly Father.
One thing I will share from my blessing is: “the role you play in your companionship is the role you are supposed to be playing, and the role the Lord has Chosen for you….”
I don’t know why that was such a huge comfort to  me, but it tied right to what else I have been studying this week….my patriarchal blessing.
One day while I was studying this week I was so frustrated because usually I can make connections and get awesome revelation during personal study, but for some reason I just wasn’t and I couldn’t focus. So I went upstairs and prayed and felt to read my blessing, and I have never learned so much in my life!
Its so funny how simple The Lord speaks, but how powerful his words are. I couldn’t believe the many new things I found and they many things that have been fulfilled and are going to be fulfilled! I couldn’t stop rejoicing in the fact that the lord is in fact ” I The Lord am bound when ye do what I say….” It made me so happy and gave me a new hope of things to look forward too!
Guess what is so funny?! So usually on holidays we have to be in by 6pm for safety reasons…This upcoming Sunday is Superbowl (GO HAWKS)  and we have to be by 6pm….So weird right…we decided we are going to watch the testament movies while you guys are watching to superbowl haha! you guys better cheer hard for wasington! I was about to buy a Seahawks shirt at Walmart today…until I sat the price of $40! So I decided to wait.
And the best thing for last MARI WAS BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!
My 1st baptism! It was so special I cant even explain it in words! it was perfect, and such a clean, pure spirit was there. When she came out of the water she took a deep breath and closed her eyes…then she looked over at Sister Andersen and I and just smiled…it was SO SPEICAL!
When she came back from changing she gave us hugs and she couldn’t stop crying and saying…I feel so light! I feel so light! in Spanish of course but it was such a beautiful experience! I gave her the book that Brooke and Lynette did and Hermana Andersen and I wrote our testimonies in it and she was so excited! 🙂
This is my purpose as a missionary….to bring others unto Christ….because through Christ is all things possible. How beautiful the Atonement of Jesus Christ is. He is the only Begotten of the father and is almighty. The Atonement covers us, it strengthens us….I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can find rest. I know that His Atonement is infinite and Eternal. I know that baptism is the first step we take in becoming closer to God. The first covenant, out first leap of Faith. Isn’t it just amazing!
So, besides the trials and the struggles…watching Mari walk into the waters of Baptism. Seeing her in white…made everything, all of it worth it.
Because this is the Salvacion of souls! I love it!
I love you all! So much!
Thanks for your support and prayers….I can literally feel power through prayers.
The work of God is certainly and undeniably true and real and I love every second of it!
until next week! Love Hermana Lyman
below is a picture of the lake I live across the street from! Lake Stevens!
ImageLake Stevens
ImageMari and IImage
me, Mari, Andersen, and Miller (her trainee) and then Rebecca the little girls is Mari’s niece
Imageme and my Favorite girl ever, her name is Loria and she is so funny. 
Imagethen this is down town Lake Stevens, LOVE IT.

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