Mount Vernon Week 1

Hello Family!

 So I am in Mount Vernon Washington….I told Heavenly Father I don’t want to be transferred for a while haha I need some stability and mostly because Im sick of packing my life into 3 suitcases 🙂
So sorry this email will be short today because again I only have an hour, but Im grateful to have some time rather than none 🙂
But I was suprised at how hard this transition has been going from english to spanish again. Its been a very hard week with tears and loads of prayers on my part. I even asked my self…”how easy would it be to go home…” then I realized how easy it would be…but then how easy it would have been for Jesus Christ to say the exact same thing.
I realized I cant give a little bit of myself to him and expect him to bless me 100 fold. No I have to give my everything.
But I read this talk called “The Fourth Missionary” and it has forever changed my mission.
The characteristics of a Fouth Missionary…or the ones I want to work on are being concencrated in everything….giving my will over to heavenly father….kicking when I dont want to kick and stroking when I dont want to stroke because it is the intelligent thing to do.
Also, I am working on understanding that sacrafice is different than concencration. That sacrafice is justing giving up something and not giving yourself. I am working on giving my whole self to this work!
Mom, thank you so much for the quotes and everything you send me….I read one everyday and They are just what I need!
I have the sweetest Companion, Hermana Weymouth from Sweet Idaho and I am so blessed!
Anyway….I have like zero time…So bascially my favorite thing I learned this week was this
“Of you he will make a masterpiece”

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