Mount Vernon


I don’t understand where the days are going! This week was a lot of working and lot of SNOW! yup.
Mix snow and bikes and neon lights and you’ve got a party. word. No but really Hna Weymouth and I are conquering the bikes and the hills and the people that don’t see us when we cross the street haha. love it.
We got to work and the bishops storehouse last week and it WAS AWESOME! Literally I want to volunteer there when I get home. It was the greatest! we met a girl named Amanada when we first got there and she was like ” I have been a member for a year and have never seen a Sister missionary!” it was so fun!
It was truley another testament that Gods Church is here upon the face of the earth and he takes care of his children. The organization of the church is amazing and so orderly. No one else could take care of people like this, no else cares to either.
I never understood the order and organization of the church until I got out here, seeing the details of everything is a huge eye opener!
We had lessons with Emilia and Roberto and it was awesome! I love them SO much!
They are a miracle and were placed directly in our path, and so we feel a huge load of responsibility to always teach with the spirit and to teach them right, because heavenly father gave them to us and its our responsibility to teach them as Jesus would. We have taught them up to Lesson 3 and they are soaking it all in. I have been praying like crazy for them to be baptized and to accept it fully.
We found them by tracting an apt complex and we saw him and asked if he’d be interested and right then he asked for a book of mormon but he was sick so he said come back again, but he was like “you guys have perfect spanish” So we schedualed an appt and walked away. We were walking out of the complex and comes running after us and says “Hermana’s! I told my wife you speak spanish really good and she said to come up!” so we did, the whole way up the stairs I was praying like crazy for the spirit and for gift of tougnes and that we would say what we needed to say. needless to say IT WAS THE BEST LESSON EVER! since that, we have seen them so much and I know they will be baptized. We are actually playing soccer with them tomorrow!
This week was a huge learning experience for me, a huge challenge but  huge experience to learn a little more about the Atonement of Christ.
I wish I could just record everyday and every moment so you guys could see it! I wish I could take you with me everywhere. but if that were the case I’d just be home or something and right now I need to serve.
I love you all SO much. I know this church is true, I know christ lives, I know the gospel is restored.
You should never be ashamed of the Gospel, never be ashamed to testify that Jesus is the Christ and that he is the living waters. Never be ashamed to bare that testimony.
Love you!!
Untill next week. Love Hna L

One thought on “Mount Vernon

  1. Hola Hermana!!!! I am freaking out that you are in Mount Vernon! I was there for 9 months! I would swear that I lived in your apartment…where is it? You sound like you are working hard and praying hard…the two components of a great missionary. I learned on my mission that God is always trying to talk to us, but much of the time we aren’t listening. My lesson from him this week is Alma 37:37. Be strong sister and know that you are loved and prayed for. I am so proud of you! If you ever run into Jesus and Consuelo Fuentes and their daughter Norma (they owned a little Mexican Tienda in Mt. Vernon….maybe on main street) tell them Hna. Leche sends her love.
    Love, Camille Ward

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