Hello my darlings,

Hello my darlings!

This week has been good! we have got a lot done and we are working SO hard!
22 lessons and working hard on the Bikes!
Funny story real quick, so Hermana Weymouths tire went flat, so the elders came and patched the tire, but it kept going flat so we just pumped it up and we were good to go. Until we are riding home one night and all of the sudden her tire falls off her bike hahah. I have never died laughing so hard, but thankfully we made it home and in bed almost on time 🙂
We were blessed to find 5 new investigators this week and to be blessed with a few families! The Lord is moving forward like crazy and I’m just trying to keep up with him! My spirit is always like ” lets go lets go!” and my body is like…”i want to breathe!” But I keep telling myself that can wait…Ive got work to do. Which isnt always good because now both SIster Weymouth and I are sick and so we have to learn to rest a little bit. But still work hard!
One of our new investigators name is Ernesto and he was totally heaven sent, we were having a hard day and nothing was working out, everyone was canceling and no one was home! So we prayed on the corner and asked Heavenly Father to guide us to help us to know where we needed to be, we started walking and saw this man sitting on some steps and we said hi and started talking to him, we taught him about prophets and the Book of Mormon and he was SO preapred! It has been fun and a blessed opportunity to teach him and I know that he will be baptized soon!
Funny story, we live by a member in the English ward and she is SO FUNNY! She comes to our house sometimes to say and hi and check up on us, last night she brought us a cake she created and said the funniest thing yet she was like ” I just grab stuff and throw it in and it always turns out good! Its not me, its a gift from God, its Magical!”
This week has been an uplifting week! we have a wedding on Satuday of Elvia and Gerrado. THey are our investigators and they are getting married so they can get baptized! and we have a baptism on sunday! His name is Jorge! What a week I have,  and i love it! and I cant believe how fast the weeks are going by and I turn 5 months this week…weird.
Our new branch mission leader is Bro. Reed and he is awesome and so full of knowledge and every Wednesday we have a meeting with him and I learn so much! one thing he said, is that the investigators and everyone we meet need to see us as disciples of Jesus Christ. “They have to know you well enough to recognize the magnificence of your spirits.” So in light of that, I have started a 40 day fast. Not a fast of food, a fast of everything that takes the spirit away. I made a list of everything I want to perfect and everyday day and night I ask for the Help of Heavenly Father because I am bound and determined to become perfect! Like is says in DyC 88, “perfect your ministry” and thats what I want to do!
You guys are awesome and I love you much! Share the gospel with everyone! Share the plan of happiness and plan that he has for everyone!
untill next week 🙂 LOVE HNA L.
hey…write me letter 🙂
Sister Sister Lyman
Washington Everett Mission
PO Box 13390
Millcreek WA, 98082
The Tulips are blooming
Eliva and Gerrado
 The first berries

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