Master, the tempest is raging.

Dear Family,

Already week 6 of this transfer, transfer calls are next week! 🙂 This week was crazy, it was hard.

We had a good week, very busy with 3 exchanges…2 of them being emergency exhanges because we needed help.
This week was the 6th week of having a hard companion. I feel like I am being a bad companion because what she tells me is SO extremely different than what she tells other people. So people think I am the crazy one and bad one.

But ya know, despite all of this I am thankful, I love my mission. I love the people, I love waking up every morning and wearing his name next to mine. I love that I can trust God and he will ALWAYS BE THERE. I love that. Even though my trial is deep and my burden is heavy….I am praying for the strength to let this pass. I guess this is my time to walk through the Garden with Christ, to feel and to learn something new.

So, I love you all, but that’s about all I can write today.

This week was a blessing. There is always sometihng to be grateful for.  Here are some pictures of a GIANT LEAF.

















Hi family!

Tell me about your favorite conference talks! 🙂 Conference awesome this week. I was so into it, it was so short….I need conference every week.

I loved how in almost every talk the topic of “disciple of Jesus Christ” was super emphasized.
I learned that, we are all disciples, or we each have the potential to become one.
One of the coolest things I remember is when it was said that the true religion of Jesus Christ was striving daily to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Because we know it doesn’t happen over night, but overtime the transformation can be made!

So this email is going to be short today, because I only want to email positive things…..and this week….wasn’t such a happy week.

All I know is that we can learn a lot from the different people we are assigned to serve with. And when things get hard, you may have to be the one with the burden of making sure things get done.
I have learned a lot about my savior and a lot about the hardships of serving the Lord. But I wear his name loud and proud.

Also, we are going to the Tulips festival today as a district! YAY

Also, happy April Fools Day…late haha
Here are some pictures of what happens when You live with Hermana Brunsdale. haha ( not my companion but I love her to death…can you say..kindred spirits.)

until next week,
Hna L.


Hermana Brunsdale taped my comforter to the ceiling so I made the tub her bed.




The  beautiful Sunsets


This is a real house. Her name is Eva, she likes stuff.


Snow is a big deal to the hispanics.






Mount Vernon, Week 7

Hello my loves!


I sang to you.

So….where to start. I have a new Companion, Her name is Sister Miller from Smithfield Utah.
We all come from different walks of life and we have all had different lessons to learn at different times. So even though she is really shy I am hoping maybe by the end of the transfer she will open up a little more. Sometimes the Lord gives us trials so we have no choice but to turn to him.

This week was a little to slow for me. Its always a little slow when you get a new companion because you have to find your rhythm and learn your unity. BUT, this week is new and we are going hard and finding and teaching people!

This week was the womens conference! it was AMAZING! We helped cook food and serve food, we had a stake dinner before and it was fun, and then we all 4 were watching the conference and I cried like the whole time….I was never a crier until my mission….what do ya do.
I loved the part when they said “being a sister means you have an unbreakable bond”
So true.So besides the fact that I am now a ball baby and cry and evertyhing, Even and a pretty sunset (Ive gone crazy).
I think this week I was able to develop a greater appreciation for the times that God answers prayer. Even one day when it was raining SO hard that I prayed that the rain would just decrease a little and it did!
Oh yea and Family, Mcdonalds is still very close to my heart, we were so wet that we went into mcdonalds and turned on the hand dryer and dried our hair and jackets and shoes….speaking of shoes. I NEED NEW BOOTS! I bought shoe goo last week and it didnt work. When I walk you can see my socks….I need help. hahaha.
Also, the english sisters had some investigator come to the Women Conference and I said hi and she looks at me at says
” I haven’t been to feminist conference in years! What age is this patronizing? ”

Also, I am teaching 2 sisters in the branch Piano 🙂 yay!
So that when the missionaries can’t, someone can! The lord has lots in store for Mount Vernon.
On important thing I Learned from the great Hna Brunsdale is:
“all we can do, is do all we can do”
One more sad thing…remember Claudia? my investigator we had on date in Lynnwood, then after I left she became a turtle investigator…..yeah…she’s meeting with the Jehovah witness’ now.
I hope that she comes back and see’s that god has a plan for her, and that she can come back to the fold.

stay strong. love you. write me. visit
Here are some pictuers!

❤ Hna Lyman



Look at the Mountain. like of like Cello


Me and Brunsdale. Love her!


My new companion, Hermama Miller and I.


I was studying in the PMG, in chapter 7 and I added a bullet point that they left out.


Mount Vernon, Week 6

Dear Family!

Crazy how today is the last day of this transfer! I can’t believe it has already been 6weeks….time for some good news….I AM STAYING! sad news…HERMANA WEYMOUTH IS LEAVING 😦

I am happy I get to stay on bike for 6 more weeks and get more muscle haha. But super sad because Hermana Weymouth is leaving.
So now the question is….who is my new companion? I will find out tomorrow 🙂

This week, the only thing I am really going to talk about is the baptism! Suprise! I do’t think I told you guys last week that we’d be baptizing 4 people this week?

Happy Birthday Mom haha 🙂

We went over to see them and Gerrado was like ” Ive talked to some of the brethern at the church and some of them waited like 5 years…I think we can just get baptized in California(because they are moving).” My heart broke because they just got married this month and we really wanted them to have the Holy Ghost before they start making these big decisions. So we said a prayer and by the end of the lesson they were like “okay! lets do it on Sunday!”
So we had 2 days to get everything ready and it was beautiful and we were so blessed to have the suupport we did and love.
We had 12 missionaries at the service and the mission presidency came and it was awesome to feel of the pure spirit of the Holy Ghost as they came out of the water.

But now that Hermana Weymouth is leaving I know that I really have to step it up- I have speak more and not be afraid if I say something wrong because it will all work out! God has a plan and I have a lesson to learn. So, I will do this because It was asked of me 🙂

I think that one of the most incredible things we have the knowledge of is the Plan of Salvacion. That we can be together and over come all things. Because Jesus Christ already paid for our tears, out hardships, he over came death and he did it for us. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.

Sorry this email is so short this week…BUT I LOVE YOU! keep writing me letters!

Lines of the week:
(while on exchanges)
me: People think that we’re stalkers, and that’s okay…because we are.

(with Elvia and Gerrado)
Gerrado: I know someone that looks just like you!
me: really? Everyone tells me this!
Gerrado: my cousin
me: whats her name
Gerrado: Concha.
me. O_o

Sorry they aren’t dressed in white…we didnt have time for pictures!












Mount Vernon- Week 6

How is it transfers already?

Yup Next week, the 25th of March we will be having transfers. Im pretty positive that I will be staying here and I will be staying with Hermana Weymouth. She is awesome. love her.

This week has been good! We got a lot done and we met some funny people.
We were riding our bikes home and this guys is walking playing a tambourine and singing some weird songs. So we walked up to us looked at our name tags and started singing ” Hermana Weymouth, Weeeyyymouth….Hermana Lyman Lyyyman
ooohhhh eeee ahhhh….Dios es amor.” Weird. Then he walks away. cool.

We meet crazy people all the time and I love it because they make me happy!
My bike got new brakes this week! So now when I ride down huge hills I don’t have to close my eyes through intersections and try not to die 🙂 HAPPY DAY!

Also this week it was Hermana Weymouths Birthday! She is 20 and I sang birthday songs to her all the day long, we had so much fun! We had a picnic with the Tenny’s (best family ever, you guys will be meeting them) and then we played soccer and had such a joyus time.

I sent my tag from Mexico home because the print was to small, So i had to order a new tag and send my old one home so take care of it for me 🙂
Also, I feel like I’m rambling but I was reading in the Book of Mormon and I was like…I want to be just like Alma and Almulek and Nephi and Lehi and Moroni and Helaman…all of these amazing profetas and persons that changed the work, and hastened the work, and that preached with faith and without fear. So i’ve been praying for that, and The Lord has been “gracious” enough to bless me hunger, fatigue, being exhausted, mean people….new stories about “john smith” aka Joseph Smith and other awesome things that makes being a missionary AWESOME! Literally its crazy how awesome this is. everyone needs to go on a mission or they just havent experienced life. 🙂 eh.

LOVE YOU ALL! here are some pictures!


-you know youve had a good day when you take your shoes off at night and your socks look like these.