Mount Vernon- Week 6

How is it transfers already?

Yup Next week, the 25th of March we will be having transfers. Im pretty positive that I will be staying here and I will be staying with Hermana Weymouth. She is awesome. love her.

This week has been good! We got a lot done and we met some funny people.
We were riding our bikes home and this guys is walking playing a tambourine and singing some weird songs. So we walked up to us looked at our name tags and started singing ” Hermana Weymouth, Weeeyyymouth….Hermana Lyman Lyyyman
ooohhhh eeee ahhhh….Dios es amor.” Weird. Then he walks away. cool.

We meet crazy people all the time and I love it because they make me happy!
My bike got new brakes this week! So now when I ride down huge hills I don’t have to close my eyes through intersections and try not to die 🙂 HAPPY DAY!

Also this week it was Hermana Weymouths Birthday! She is 20 and I sang birthday songs to her all the day long, we had so much fun! We had a picnic with the Tenny’s (best family ever, you guys will be meeting them) and then we played soccer and had such a joyus time.

I sent my tag from Mexico home because the print was to small, So i had to order a new tag and send my old one home so take care of it for me 🙂
Also, I feel like I’m rambling but I was reading in the Book of Mormon and I was like…I want to be just like Alma and Almulek and Nephi and Lehi and Moroni and Helaman…all of these amazing profetas and persons that changed the work, and hastened the work, and that preached with faith and without fear. So i’ve been praying for that, and The Lord has been “gracious” enough to bless me hunger, fatigue, being exhausted, mean people….new stories about “john smith” aka Joseph Smith and other awesome things that makes being a missionary AWESOME! Literally its crazy how awesome this is. everyone needs to go on a mission or they just havent experienced life. 🙂 eh.

LOVE YOU ALL! here are some pictures!


-you know youve had a good day when you take your shoes off at night and your socks look like these.














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