Hi family!

Tell me about your favorite conference talks! šŸ™‚ Conference awesome this week. I was so into it, it was so short….I need conference every week.

I loved how in almost every talk the topic of “disciple of Jesus Christ” was super emphasized.
I learned that, we are all disciples, or we each have the potential to become one.
One of the coolest things I remember is when it was said that the true religion of Jesus Christ was striving daily to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Because we know it doesn’t happen over night, but overtime the transformation can be made!

So this email is going to be short today, because I only want to email positive things…..and this week….wasn’t such a happy week.

All I know is that we can learn a lot from the different people we are assigned to serve with. And when things get hard, you may have to be the one with the burden of making sure things get done.
I have learned a lot about my savior and a lot about the hardships of serving the Lord. But I wear his name loud and proud.

Also, we are going to the Tulips festival today as a district! YAY

Also, happy April Fools Day…late haha
Here are some pictures of what happens when You live with Hermana Brunsdale. haha ( not my companion but I love her to death…can you say..kindred spirits.)

until next week,
Hna L.


Hermana Brunsdale taped my comforter to the ceiling so I made the tub her bed.




The Ā beautiful Sunsets


This is a real house. Her name is Eva, she likes stuff.


Snow is a big deal to the hispanics.







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