Master, the tempest is raging.

Dear Family,

Already week 6 of this transfer, transfer calls are next week! 🙂 This week was crazy, it was hard.

We had a good week, very busy with 3 exchanges…2 of them being emergency exhanges because we needed help.
This week was the 6th week of having a hard companion. I feel like I am being a bad companion because what she tells me is SO extremely different than what she tells other people. So people think I am the crazy one and bad one.

But ya know, despite all of this I am thankful, I love my mission. I love the people, I love waking up every morning and wearing his name next to mine. I love that I can trust God and he will ALWAYS BE THERE. I love that. Even though my trial is deep and my burden is heavy….I am praying for the strength to let this pass. I guess this is my time to walk through the Garden with Christ, to feel and to learn something new.

So, I love you all, but that’s about all I can write today.

This week was a blessing. There is always sometihng to be grateful for.  Here are some pictures of a GIANT LEAF.
















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