Jdubs on da left, Jdubs on da right….

Dear Family!

This week has been crazy!

We were tracting and all of the sudden 2 sets of Jdubs start tracting around us, and I’m like man….this is crazy, and then before we know it THERES MORE! and They come RIGHT BY US! knock and walk in…..I was like….wait they can’t go into a single womans house…then I realized they aren’t us hhaha. Then as we start to walk away, we see the mother ship. The mormon assault van FULL of Jdubs.

The Lord gives us strength the fight the world each day, he gives us the stamina and endurance we need to carry the heavy cross each day.It’s hard, but’s worth it. This week is was sunny almost every day and I actually got a tan line….#akward
But something cool that happened….oh yeah, EVA IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!
yay! We are so excited…..we always thought Eva was less active until we realized….the church doesn’t even have a single record of her ever. When I asked her about her baptism all she said was….” it was a beautiful morning…so beautiful….”
We saw a lot of miracles, we saw a lot of progress. Right when we think people are progressing they fall and I’m just like….satan is a terd and I wanna hammer punch him. But I guess I hammer punch him with every testimony, every morning I literally roll out of bed and everytime I pray.
We actually made standards this week! Each mission has standards for number and sometimes they are hard to get, and even we had a discouraging week we met standards and that was exciting! Only 6 companionships made them and we were one of them YAY!
I’m celebrating by buying chocolate today. judge me.
well, I love you a lot!
Happy P-day! 🙂






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