Mother’s Day

This week was a bitter/sweet week.

My new companion is Hermana Makail Bain, we were companions in Lake Stevens and we were friends before the mission so we know each other pretty good, so its been a week of bliss 🙂

We are merging 2 areas into 1 area so it’s a lot of work but I’m loving it!  HAPPY LATE MOTHERS DAY!
It was awesome to see and talk to you guys and to hear your voices! 🙂 But I am truly devastated and so sad about my sweet girl trigger 😦 I’m going to miss her a lot, and it makes me sad. But while I was praying last night, I knew and felt that all would be okay, in time. So I really hope that, that is the case and that everything will work out.

This week with hermana Bain has been so blissful and full of work and….I’m grateful for her. I’m grateful I made it through the past 6 weeks. We gutted out the house and re-arragned it, we are doing language studies with a college professor and we are working hard to bring people to the gospel in every way possible. The Lord loves us and he lives, and he is the reason we do this everyday.

I love him, and I love this gospel. 🙂

Untill next week 🙂

Hermana Lyman.

Saying goodbye to my bff Hermana Brunsdale,
Pretty rain puddle and….this sign that i see 100,000 times a day hahaha






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