D and C 127:2

Dear Loved Ones,

This transfer has gone by so fast, It is almost over and then…I am bascially halfway done.
It’s really weird.

I hope this scripture reference is correct, it’s Joseph Smith, and he is talking about how he is keeping discouragement at bay.
I have really been leaning on the accounts in the scriptures about pressing forward with a firm faith in Christ. Trying to learn the importance of being humble and expressing true gratitute and love for the trials I have been faced with.

One thing I have learned is JOY!
I love that Joy in the gospel and in life in general is constant, while our happiness may vary on a daily basis, Joy is different and it’s beautiful. We can rejoice in the spirit of joy and peace and love, and be grateful for the trials we have that give us the spiritual traction we need to grow and progress.

This week we have some new investigators, one of them his name is Edwin, out of the stake, President Bonham said that there will be 50 people from his family baptized! how cool is that…and just from 1 family. So we are working with him *fingers crossed.

Here are some pictures!

some of these are from zone conference all of the spanish sisters, and then sisters and elders combined. Then my bff Hna Brunsdale! One day we will be companions.
Then a white rat…so gross, what do ya do when they just give it to you.

p.s. I ate chicken feet this week.





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