Awkoos Tacos

Dear Family.

The awkward news is…..I’m being Transferred.

Not a fan.

Especially because we have a baptism coming up and things are picking up….Mount Vernon is my home away from home.
This week has been crazy, we only had 2 days of rain this week, and also, we met 4 new investigators.

Hermana Bain and I read in the Liahona about working with members. We read and learned that members are the”planters” and we as the missionaries are the “reapers”….from that we learned that we have been working backwards for about….oh 9 months.
So…we went to the homes of members and role-played with them how to introduce the gospel to their friends, colleges, and just normal people.
It was fun to see the members open up a little bit.
We also had them pray with us as to where we should tract and go, and then take the member with us, and thats how we have found our new investigators this week. It’s pretty cool when the members see the Lord answer their prayers.

Also, my cool friend Elder Fiala finished his mission. Super sad, as a branch they bought him a cake and we surprised him yesterday and we all sad in he gym and ate cake. He cried. I teared up.
Its crazy to see a mission and the change it has on people. It’s sad to see my favorite people leave, but… goes on and so does our progression.

Here are some pictures, some of them are of Hna Bain and I, Elder Phillips and Elder Fiala. he’s the one eating cake.

The other one is of some investigators that took us to eat…they 2 chinesse boys that speak perfect spanish…how.

Then our zone…coolest zone ever. Ima miss them.








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