Its okay, I already know about the angel macaroni

Dear Family,

As most of you already know, I AM BACK IN LYNNWOOD! Where I was born! yay!

and…….*now for the drum roll…. WITH HERMANA BRUNSDALE!

This week has been crazy, crazy fun. Getting back into the Lynnwood feel and getting back on bike is awesome. I have missed my bike so much!

We have had some funny moments….some bloopers you can say this week.

1. we are at a trailer door talking to this girl,she opens door holding a dog and I say “what a cute dog! I would bite it, but I’m scared it would bite me back…” wait….pet, I’d pet your dog.

2. We are walking down the road, this man walks past us and says “hey…no its okay I already know about the angel macaroni…” ….I died.

3. Then Hermana Brunsdale is conacting this lady and she says “hay un mujer tiempo que podemos pasar? what she said…was “is there a woman time that we can come by?
what she meant to say was….hay un mejor tiempo que podemos pasar…is there a better time we can come by?

All of these little moments brought me great joy this week, I have missed Brusndale, we are getting work done and I have learned that the Lord truly provides a way out of trials….right when you think you are going to die.

We have been sifting through the wheat and the tares this week, which have really allowed to raise the standards for ourselves of the kind of people we teach. We expect people to keep commitments because they want to, come to church because they want to and be better, because they want to. Which is something we should all strive to do….live the gospel because we want to!

We have seen a lot of the people that I taught almost 8 months ago…Some of them are still going strong, some of them….have fallen and it’s hard to see, but I have faith that the Lord has a plan.

This week I have seen the growth the gospel provides, not only for me but for the people we are teaching.
I wish everyone could have this gospel, I see people that just look so sad, they say they are happy, but I see something missing.
I feel I am gaining a greater understanding of the plea of Nephi, to just accept, obey and endure. if only it were that easy.

Here are some pictures….I’ll send some next week!











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