Mt Vernon, Week 5

Dear Family,

This week was crazy, and good and crazy. This week we were asked to speak in Church. NOOOOO.

I have made it through 8 months without having to speak in church, and I thought that I had made it a little further.
But as a missionary, I am supposed to be an example is what they tell me, I accepted the invitation and I wrote a talk on La Caridad (charity).

In our Spanish branch, sacrament meeting is from 2:20-3:20 and when I wrote my talk I thought that it was a long talk, and seeing that I am a simple speaker and speaking for a long time is already hard in English, I thought for sure I was good.
Turns out when I was called to speak 1st….my talk was maybe 5 minutes long.

I sat down, looked at my watch….then at Hermana Bain..and she said…”there’s no way I can talk for 35 minutes….” but she did! And it was so good….after this, I don’t think they’ll ask me to speak in church again…. 🙂

Also, Vicky (whose daughter was baptized on Saturday) is on date to be baptized on June 21st! YAY! What a HUGE milagro….we have been working with her so hard and it was truly the pure spirit of the holy ghost that touched her heart.


Edwin came to church and the Baptism! MILAGRO! He is doing awesome, I have so much hope for him 🙂

I know there are a million things I am leaving out this week, but there would be not enough room for everything.
But I love you all, next week we find out who will be getting transferred!
Pray for me! LOVE YOU!

Hna Lyman

…..Its a cat…in a galaxy.





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