True law of the fast

Dear ones,

This week I have learned so much! I have pushed myself really hard to get on track and get things done!

One thing I have seen undoubtedly this week is the pure loving hand of the Lord, in all things. I have finally began to again break out of my shell and push myself to truly preach the gospel.
We have been pruning the vineyard still, and have been really seeking for those whom the Lord has prepared for us, and whom we are prepared to teach as week.
I don’t remember if I wrote about this last week….but Its been a true sign when we have to drop someone we follow the promptings we receive and then the Lord has always placed a prepared person in our path the replace the one we just lost.

We found 7 new investigators this week, and we knocked a lot of doors to find them and biked up countless hills to find more! which I love!

We also fasted on Wednesday for missionary work, and we ended up finding 2 prepared people, it was so cool to see the Lord give us strength to complete our food less day on bike and to also find prepared children. I also pushed myself super hard this day to speak as much as I could and to rely on the spirit to hear them and discern what they needed, very cool experiences. Also I read in Isaiah 58 about the true law of the fast…..I loved learning that in the true fast the people “take delight in approaching to God…” and as we honor the Sabbath day and the day of fast we honor him we are promised that “the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.” I love this because it’s like our spiritual drink, but also, I don’t doubt that it could be taken literally in the case of the drought at home…pure sincere fasting brings miracles and opens the windows of heaven.

But no matter how it seemed that this week was “tract ghost town” week because no one was home! we still had success in finding the right people! I swear we knocked a billion doors, and door after door after door was empty, but the cool thing was that the spirit of hope was never lost.

We have been focusing on a new part of the area that hasn’t ever been really touched and it’s been amazing to see that each time we go there we find at least 1 new child of god! we were biking down this new road and I see this boy I remember…I stop and say…”hermana! that’s Enedelia’s family!” so we bike up there to see them because I remembered her from December and she has been on my mind alot….they moved and we didn’t know where they had gone and we found them! As we reviewed the 1st vision I asked her look at the picture and read as if this experience was happening to her…after Hermana Brusndale asked her “how would you feel if you could recieve an answer from God, about which church is true?” Enedelia said….”it would change my life.”
It will change any life. As I have learned from the conference reports that the Restoration is is an ongoing process! How cool that our lives can continue to be changed by the beautiful knowledge that God loves us, He has given families and scriptures and profetas to guide those families, and like Jesus Christ, God called Joseph Smith to be a prophet and with the power and authority of God, he translated the Book of Mormon. Through prayer, Reading in the Book of Mormon and Attending church, we can receive revelation we need each day to more fully fulfill our purpose here on earth.

On a happy funny note….as we were finishing companionship invetory in the car (because we didnt have time at home) we are driving through and intersection and i had just thanked Hna Brunsdale for her patience and all and as I was about to read of the next thing a man races through the intersection and Hna Brusndale yells “Man child! What the heck are you doing Idiot?!” then I say….Im grateful for you compassion and understanding…….hahahaha.

All in all….I’m learning alot….more and more I learn to love and be happy.

Hna Brusndale is an animal whisperer…
We have fun!





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