Dear dear ones,

Happy belated 4th of July to you all!!

This week was a good and a hot week!
We biked everywhere and made it up every hill and I loved it!

It was super fun this week to teach some formers I taught before and get them going again! But It was sad because we had to drop Enedelia….she just isn’t ready. But I know that God has a plan. He always provides a way for his children.

We had a great pday last week, we played sand volleyball on the beach and watched the ferry’s come in and out. Then to everyone’s awesome suprise a beautiful navy ship started cruisin on by. It was so hot that day we walked over to Ivars and got a baby cone which was actually HUGE! Then we had a shopping spree at Dollar Tree and bought the things we needed for our awesome 4th of July picture!

So this past week we recieved a call from the Zone Leaders, they said ” we have a meeting with the stake next week and we wanted to get together and talk about the branch and what they need…” we said….”yeah for sure! ” then they say….”we were thinking about, discusing it over dinner…”
us- “wait…what.”
They said they are just trying to be mature adutls…so looks like we are having dinner with the ZL’s tomorrow at some random BBQ place HAHA. not biggie just a funny story.

But this week I learned a lot. Hermana Brusndale and I were talking and I really realized how much I have learned. How much more I have learned about the Plan of Salvacion. I was watching the bible videos and I just saw and felt the atonement so strongly. Then as I have been reading Jesus the Christ, I have felt his love and perfect plan deeper. All we want is to be like Jesus. We work, we cry, we life, we depend on Christ….our perfect older Brother.

Another change, we got a letter from the 1st presidency saying that we as missionaries are now supposed the leach lesson 5, the new member lessons. Have you guys had any changes with this?

Well, overall….this week was awesome. I love you all!

p.s. Write me letters.

This cat’s name is Toby. Coolest cat there is….
I dunno man…why’d the pug life chose me….
Happy 4th of July!



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