Dear Loved ones,

Another week has come and gone! Wow! Weird. I don’t know how or where the time flies.
This week we added a new addition to our companionship…a.k.a… a brand new 2014 grand caravan minivan…yup. thats right.
We had a minivan but it was up to 50,000 miles, and that’s when the church sells cars, so we got a call from the mission office saying we had to bring out car in….so we pull up and we see this beautiful minivan callin’ our name. I told Hermana Brunsdale that the mission is preparing us in more ways than one haha. But it’s awesome because we can still fit out bikes in the back, so when we drive then park, we can still bike everywhere! We are super blessed to have a car and bikes.

We also have recently received a new phone, and I think I have lost the touch, because I have totally battered every text with autocorrect fails!
The other day instead of saying President Bonham I have called him President Bonsai, President Gotham….I called a man in our ward Brother Pinklebottom…I called an elder, Elder Snack….all via text and now I make Hermana Brunsdale text haha.

But now for the good stuff, this week I have renewed my devotion to my mission! Especially after I had another interview with President, I was just ready to go and preach and teach. I have been reading a lot about the covenants we make with God throughout our lives, and I feel like God gave me awesome opportunities to teach people about why we are baptized, what it means, what the convents mean and why they are so important. Truly each day we live we keep our baptism covenants when we smile, hug, help and cry with gods children. It’s something i have learned well on my mission. This week we mourned for an investigator who seems to be slipping away. Sometimes I mourn for people at home, but Then I remember the talk by Richard G. Scott, after the death of his 2 children he reminded his wife that they were born into the covenant. So they need not fear because If they kept their covenants, then God would keep his part too.

We are trying really hard to strengthen the branch, it seems to be kind of crumbling and it’s sad, I just want to be able to bring an investigator to church and have the members say “HI!” or to sit by them or to fellowship them in anyway!
It’s something we are working on. I know that we need members, but more importantly, we need CONVERTED members. #generalconference

So this week was awesome. I am excited for the lessons and things the Lord has in store this week. 🙂 Stay strong. LOVE YOU ALL!

sorry no photos this week, I lost my camera for a bit. but I found it!

this is a member house. yup. 15 people live here.




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