Lynnwood Week 7

So here I am in Lynnwood, Transfer day….still no transfer information.
I really HOPE that I stay here in Lynnwood at least 1 more transfer with Hermana Brusndale…I think the Lord knows that. *fingers crossed

This week has been a hard week.
I feel like I am going crazy. I believe that missions are the hardest thing. But then It reminds me of Joseph Smith and how he basically never had a break, and how the Prophet and the Apostles never have a break, and then I realize that my leg of the race is only a portion compared to them.

But this week, with all of the doctors appts and crazy meetings and stuff, we were pretty busy. But some of the cool things that I love that did happen were wonderful!

First- I spoke in church for a whoppin 5 1/2 minutes! WOW! I call that improvement. I spoke about being grateful in any circumstance and that when we have gratitude, we develop a testimony of conversion.
But sad news, our district leader went home, because he is sick. It makes me sad when people go home.

But my favorite lesson this weeks was when we were teaching this family who is so hard to find, and we started the Restoration and the Oldest daughter Alondra is super open and when we read the 1st vision she said “wow, that’s amazing…that God answers” and then we asked “do you believe God will answer you” and she said “if I asked sincerely, yes.”
So sweet. But her younger sister Jocelyn is and atheist….doesn’t believe in God.
At the end of the lesson we invited them to all pray. So each member of the family took a turn praying, at the end if was Jocelyns turn and she didn’t want to, but we promised her she would feel the spirit and know there was a God and would feel his love. She she prayed and in the middle of her prayer she said “dear god, thank you for my family. Especially my mom. She’s amazing…..then she broke down crying. we all sat there for a moment because the spirit was so strong, then her mom said “why are you crying? and said “because I realized that I never tell you that I love you….”
So it’s true that God loves us! He has given us families to cherish and to grow. We learn the basic principles within the family. Families are the pattern of Heaven.


sorry for such a small email. next week will be better.
write me!
p.s. Washington has a million spiders. they are EVERYWHERE.
and hna brunsdale tossed a lotion bottle to me and i missed it and sliced my head….whoops.





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