Dear Loved ones….

I don’t even know where to start this week, well these past 2 weeks have been CRAZY! Last pday wasn’t really a pday because Of our weird transfers and everything. But I got all unpacked and we had a wonderful dinner with a family, it was so weird to be back in a real family home. I couldn’t believe how big and spacious the house was. I was so used to tiny apartments and trailers with coolers as fridges and sitting on the floor, and then in a blinks eye I was in a gorgeous huge home with stainless steel and granite and beautiful wood. I felt so spoiled, and so overly blessed.

I was a hard adjustment to not pray in Spanish or really…look for Spanish people. We knocked doors like crazy this week. The circumstances have sure been hard this week but I haven’t gotten discouraged. I was used to going to neighborhoods and stereotyping houses and leaving the rest to the English missionaries….which is now me hah. So now door after door…English people just like to fight and bicker and I just tell them to have a great day and I smile at them big, wave, and then we go to the next door.

Also, I am totally in the country, so we have to walk a long ways from 1 house to the other, and we have to deal with a lot of big dogs….I’m getting used to big mean pit bulls and german shepherds. Sister Vaha is good with dogs and I just walk really close to her and I have only screamed a few times. 🙂
We met this man named Steven, his wife was recently baptized but then just stopped coming to church, so we stopped by to check up on her, little did we know about Steve…he asks “can I ask you a question?” we say “of course!”
he says “does god get everything he wants”…..then I think to myself…oh no…we’ve got a basher. So then he goes on to tell me about Buddha and how he taught people to live above the mortal mind and all of this stuff. He kept bringing up how god controls everything so naturally…he gets whatever he wants. My companion was trying to make a point very boldly. As I was listening I knew no one was been loved and there was no spirit. Then I thought of Aaron in the Book of Mormon was he was teaching in the sinagouge and a man approached him and started asking similar questions like “how do you know we need to repent? blah blah blah…” and how Aaron responded so simply to see if the man was really interested and was truly willing to repent. So then I asked Steve “How do you feel when you pray?” It kind of caught him off guard and he responded that he feels good and he feels peace and other things. Then I went on an quoted the bible dictionary description of prayer…that its not a way of controlling god, or God controlling us. But a way for us to align our will with Gods. So after a while he stopped and he said….” Your the first missionary that has ever cared to help me…rather than fight with me…the first missionary in 20 years..” So that’s not the whole story…just a little review. But, it’s a cool experience to feel love for a crazy person and to feel the spirit bring things to remembrance.

Going to church in English this week was crazy. I missed the humbleness of the Hispanics and other things I did miss, but I know that the Lord has a plan for me here!
I came from a thriving spanish area with Loads of investigators and people everywhere and here in Arlington…I came to an area that had 0 investigators and there are 77 less active families in the ward.
But it’s okay because I am ready to work and I am ready to put my best foot forward for the Lord!
Also this week, I picked my 1st wild blackberries! I couldnt stop picking and eating them! they are SO good! and they are literally EVERYWHERE!

Lastly, we had the 1st CSFY (come see for yourself) fireside. Its a missionwide fireside, it was so beautfiul! they had people young and old bear testimony and share their conversion stories. They had videos and musical numbers! And the best news ever…my investigator from Lynnwood, cenobio is GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY! yay! He was for sure the hardest gator I have had and to know that he is walking into the waters of baptism warms my heart! I teared up!

So….crazy week. I am tired.




News of the mission.

I am getting transferred today at noon.
I got a call 2 nights ago from the assistants saying I was being moved ENGLISH.
he said “hey sister I have some news…..drum roll….SISTER LYMAN IS BEING TRANSFERRED!” I was like …WHAT!

Which is so weird because I was for sure staying spanish then President decided he wanted me to go english, and its only 2 weeks into the transfer. So I am really confused.

Sorry for the lame email, but I have to finish packing and shopping and getting everything together so I can meet my new comp at the mission office.
Crazy. I am so sad to be leaving…..

Next week is sure to be crazy.

my last week and goodbyes in Lynnwood:






Let’s hope he doesn’t have a knife..

Dear Family,

So this week was crazy. As always. It was so nice to finally have the same companion for more than 6 weeks. President Bonham treats me well.

I thankfully had no horrible autocorrect experiences this week, but we had an awesome time biking up every hill in our area. We biked so much! Then on the way down from a super fun hill I went off of a big curb I didn’t know was there and….broke a few essential parts of my bike. So we slowly rode our bikes to Sports and Authority and I got told by a scary bike fixer man to ” you stay away from those curbs now ya hear…” only to ride out of the store and ride off the ONLY curb haha. My bad.

We contacted a whole lot this week and found some pretty solid potentials. We found this beautiful 9 year old girl named Janette and she loves hearing about God. She loves church and she is so mature for her age! Her mom was totally cool with us teaching her and said she’d even drive her to church and bring her to activity days and all. how cool! The Lord truly has prepared people 🙂

This week we were on our way to a lesson, the woman has been pleading with God for years to help her husband who is an alcoholic and is addicted to many things, and sometimes when we go over and she’s not home, it’s just really ery. So we prayed that we would be protected and be okay, then Hermana Brunsdale says….”lets hope he doesn’t have a knife…” she was all joking. So we start walking up to the door and he is sitting outside with a beer and he starts talking to us and I look around….and what do I see on his seat by his hand…. a KNIFE!
I nudged hermana Brusndale and then we left….so funny. But just weird.

Then this week I was praying a lot, because I was searching for an answer from the Lord. Then as I was praying and I wasn’t feeling anything, so I just decided to be patient with the Lord. I was praying to feel if staying Spanish is right or if trying english for a transfer would be beneficial. That night Hermana Brusndale and I went to Mongolian Grill and I open up my fortune cookie and it says ” Now is the time to try something new…” I was like woah…. just kidding I didn’t take that seriously. But during my interview with President Bonham I did share that with him and he laughed so hard!

I am learning so much on my mission. I love it. I can’t imagine being “normal
” again.
These past 10 months have the greatest ever, I hope that I keep learning new things each day! Thanks for all of the letters and packages this week. I love them! and I love you!

Untill Next week 🙂

Hna L.

1. The wild blackberries!
2. the biggest sunflower ever!
3.I guess the spanish catholics pray to the chipmunks now too?
4. doormats of all kind.
6. Sister millet! Related to Amber! 🙂