Dearest ones!

Dearest ones!

This week was good!
We are working hard, and transfers are coming up next week! We get transfer calls on Monday….sad news though, our library will be close on Monday so I think we will have to email again next Tuesday…boo. But i’m just grateful we will get to email!

This week we have really started trying to work through members, they all have so many fears of missionary work, so we try to role-play and help as much as we can, as well as seek referrals from them. Because like Preach my Gospel says, the best way is working through members.

Also, I love this area! It’s huge, and I still don’t know everyone but it’s the best area and the members are awesome! yesterday we had a BBQ at a members house …(the Dicksons) and it was so fun, it felt a lot like home, they even have a bouncy house thingy haha. The stake president was there and he just had a son leave on a mission, he is in the Mexico MTC, and so it was super fun getting to talk about that with them.

I’m hoping that I get to stay English for a while, because it’s so fun…maybe because English is my native language hahah jk. I love them both!
But who knows… 🙂
There is a woman in the ward who does some crazy body energy thingy….she like “zones” your body or something crazy like that and she did that I have seriously never slept better…but I can’t decide if it was all physiological or real?

The doctor appt went great….and I found a cool bible book….I also learned that there is a method to opening canned peaches…but I havent quiet figured it out. tips anyone? because this is the 2nd jar that has opened on my clothes…i need help!
I go to bed super early…well as early as i can…sister vaha trys to wake me up with theflash of the camera…but I am doing awesome!
nothing super exciting this week….
write me letters….it’s sad not getting anything for 8 whole days…I’m thinking of writing myself letters. 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL! hope you like my model pose…it was a lot of work to get that double chin.





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