A letter from the prophet

Dear Loved ones…


…..we stilll don’t know….

But can I just say….this area never ceases to amaze me. I’m pretty positive that at least 3 times a day this week I have just stopped and looked at sister sinclair and said “I AM JUST….EXCEEDINGLY ASTONISHED” <—— Thank you Book of Mormon

Let’s start with the positive….I AM OVER A YEAR OLD NOW. yay!

Okay, So now on to business.

Sister Sinclair and I are really struggling with the ward. I am grateful for our great companionship and for the resources we have such as Preach My Gospel and the Scriptures and our fellow leaders.

But I don’t know how we can better work with our Ward Mission Leader, he won’t meet with us except Sundays, and told bishop that if he has to meet with us on other days, that he needed to call a new WML. Then the Bishop was totally on his side and defensive. I expressed my love for the work, and our purpose as member’s and as missionaries, whether we have badges or not….we all have the holy calling to profess the gospel and to retain those fruits we worked so hard to obtain, like quoted by Gordon B. Hinkley.
Not only the WML or the Bishop, but the members have been…how can you say it…persecuting sister sinclair and I for being obedient to the mission rules. On Tuesday we had exchanges and I was here with Sister Lawson. We went to a member’s home, that lives waaaay out in the middle of nowhere and we walked into a beautiful home and the member says…”okay sisters…so whats our time frame here?” We said that we had to be gone by 6. She said “only an hour? are you serious…?” We said yes because it’s a mission rule…
This member said ” So the past 100 missionaries had this rule? hmmm funny…that your the first 2 that have had this rule..” She looked at me and said “why do you obey this rule? just curious..?” I said because when we obey, heavenly father blesses us.
You could say awkward dinner and it wouldn’t even start to describe that dinner.

Members here are struggling with the fact that we are going to be obedient. Because I am not going to be accountable for wasting the Lords time, or for disobeying the very rules that safe guard us each day.

I’ve been in Wards and Branches where maybe one person in a leadership position is struggling, but I have never experienced more than one organization struggling, and because of that I have been on my knees more than ever. I want to know how I can help. What can I do to strengthen these feeble knees. Then Last night I remembered a scripture saying that the Lord will try our faith…to teach us obedience.

I had to say goodbye to the Wooely family. The family that was “in hiding” that was really hard for me. I cried on the way out because I’d rather take the burdens of these wonderful people and let them be free.

We helped with 2 funerals this week. One of them was the Mckinley family. Her mother passed away. The Mckinley family is one of the most wealthiest families in Washington. I didn’t believe it until we walked into their 30,000 square foot house with horse barns…area…car barns….yes. barns for cars. I was in awwe. They are such a humble, cute couple.

Then on Saturday we helped with Brother Dicksons funeral. I felt like I had just left General Conference. I guess Bro. Dickson was a bigger deal than I thought.
His Son was just recently released as a General Authority and on the stand was an active member of the 1st quorm of the 70.
Brother Dickson received a personal letter From Thomas S. Monson that was read. It was cool to be surrounded by a huge righteous posterity that all loved the gospel. It was a huge testament to me of the power of the gospel. And how 2 people really affect hundreds of people.
Bro Dickson son (the GA) I met in Mount Vernon and he gave me his info so I could keep in touch with his family.

Also, remember that guy that has medical marijuana? Well we show up for a lesson this week and he’s out in his “garden” cutting up some…”supplies” and walks right in the house with a huge plant…sweeps by sister sinclair…I start coughing and think “only in washinton….” then I took a picture…

Sorry this email is crazy. Lots this week.

Have I mentioned my eye bags lately. is there a scripture that can fix that?

this is saying goodbye to the wooley family….

sister lawson

picture of plant…allowed? who knows.

Mckinleys entry way



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