My dearest!!

How are you all doing this week?
Well I have some very happy news….I have an AWESOME companion!

Her name is Sister Whitney Sinclair from good ol’ Texas. She has been out 16 months….( so she might die with me) and we are having a blast together! 🙂
Since we are totally both new to this area, we have had so much fun getting lost and looking for Sasquatch. jk but it’s on my list of things to do.

We are having success in this area! Its pretty insane what obedience does huh 🙂 I now have a companion that will wake up with me ON TIME and that will vacuum and wash the car with me haha 🙂 I love being obedient.

Its was super special to reverence 9/11 here in Arlington, they were somehow awarded an original beam from the twin tower and it was super special to attend that memorial service.

This week we had a ward service day and we went to a non members home and pulled out like 3,000 blackberry bushes…okay maybe like 10. But me…knowing me didn’t want to wear tennis shoes so I wore capris and my vans…and then I learned the hard way that blackberry bushes are so mean! And I ended up asking my self over and over “why did they eat the fruit!” But regardless of my now awesome battle wounds we had so much fun and I caught a field mouse! then I learned that they bite….is that a bad thing. I had a tetanus shot so I should be good right? Well I’m still alive and I think I’m good.

Then We had a miracle! A woman named George (I call her my Georgia Peach) called us after she looked us up on and said she wanted the lessons. She lived like 20 miles away so when we finally got out there she was saying how she needs to be baptized and how her whole family are all members and she finally heeded the spirit and called us because she is ready to start over. AMAZING!
We also had a lesson with a new investigator Linda K. and she is battling with a severe addiction to alcohol. But she is looking for divine intervention and peace. That lesson was so spiritual. I loved it! I know I’m really bad at giving details and what. But it was amazing!

Then last night We were taking the trash out (which I know now is NOT sunday activity) because the door was somehow locked when we walked back. So we were left outside for a couple hours….finally the elders came home (they live in the same complex) and they helped us break in. lesson learned, KEEP THE SABBATH DAY EXTRA HOLY!

But I am super happy. Having so much fun and learning a lot! I can’t believe how fast time is going. It’s almost been a year since I saw you darling people. #weird
I am falling in love with cats more and more, and as a result I am also falling in love with zyrtec

LOVE YOU ALL! write me!

P.S i forgot to the use the camera this week but here’s one special picture taken a few moments ago! LOVE YOU ALL!



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