Beautiful baptism


This week was awesome and rainy!

This Saturday Anne was baptized!

She is so sweet and has been so blessed with protection from the adversary and what not.
On Saturday our Ward Mission Leader went to the church a couple hours early to fill the font and so we arrived a little past 4 to make sure everything was ready. Anne showed up with us, she was so early and so excited. We decided to show her the font and everything….and to our surprise it wasn’t even filling.


So we all started filling coolers and trashcans ( yes huge trash cans) full of water and dumping them into the font. As ward members showed up they started helping us. As we were all filling the font, something happened and all of the water in the building turned brown. So eventually we filled the font and had a beautiful program. Anne is my only investigator that has filled her own font….that means shes pretty solid right? ha. So Anne was baptized in warm brown water.

This week was pretty good, this is Sister Sinclairs last week in the mission. She fly’s home next Monday….my birthday….yup.
So I will join another companionship for my birthday :/ The things I do because I love the Lord. Just kidding I love all these sisters.

So this week is going to be different.

Sorry this email is short….today isn’t really pday…not until Thursday.

But I still love you all!

Sister Lyman



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