Hello from cold, wet, grey skied Washington!

So for the past week, it’s rained err’y day here.
And, now it’s dark at 5pm. cool beans.
but I. AM. STILL. HAPPY. :)<—–we are required to take 2,000IUs of Vitamin each day.

So this week was awesome! We had zone conference and because we are the only sisters in the zone, we are pretty quiet…we were reviewing the requirements for baptism and President Bonham says ” I see the Sisters taking notes over there….but I’d really like to hear from you…” awkward.
So I guess he really wanted us to participate….later in the meeting after we got back from a break we were called on the give a talk on our favorite Book of Mormon Hero….President really wanted us to participate. We also got to watch Meet the Mormons….AWESOME! I loved it! Sister Bonham made us all popcorn…I felt so weird watching a movie.

We also went bowling for our District Pday….we went to the only bowling ally and then we saw that it was ancient. zero technology….and since none of us had done math in over a year…..and now we had to score by hand…I ended up just going with how many gutter balls I got….I pretty positive I won. yay! But it was actually fun to have no computers and what not.

Ann is progressing like crazy! She is getting baptized November 22 and she is so excited! She has read the Book of Mormon like a champ and she even came to stake conference.
Speaking of stake conference…the Stake Presidency of the Arlington Stake was reorganized yesterday….we had some general authority from Germany there, and another from Salt lake. It was so good. The theme they spoke on was hastening the work and how from technology to the scriptures…everything is hastening!

Also, I finally got my new glasses, so I can see now! I was like “sister! I didn’t know you could see individual branches on trees!”….apparently…I’ve been missing out.

How was Halloween? We had a very eventful Halloween…..our ward had the classic trunk or treat and I was a cat and sister sinclair and I were twins…it was great. We judged the chili cook off and our investigator Ann ended up winning (crazzzy) and then we ate candy. I guess earlier that morning, the Elders were doing a service projects and they were throwing wood down a line of people….Elder Potter threw some wood at Elder Christensen and ended up cutting a hole….Elder Christensen came with the coolest costume….stitches in his lip….everyone thought it was fake. I told him to be careful that night because I heard that people were throwing wood at everyone with the last name Christensen.

This week was awesome. Such a good week.
I love my mission. I love being a missionary. I don’t know if I could be a missionary like Ammon who served his mission for 14 years…but I do want my converts to be like the people of Ammon. In the BOM it says that none of his people ever fell away. How cool.
And like Nephi…the Lord instructed him to build a ship “So how then can the Lord not instruct me…”

Keep being awesome member missionaries and do all you can to invite others to come unto Christ!

Here’s some of my attempt to carve a stencil pumkin….I’m the most impatient person…SO I we retracted back to the classic jack.
Sister sinclair rocked her pumkin though!
(The elders did a trunk and wrote fake “dear john” letters….each letter ended with “whitney” and “Sydney”….our first names….
elders think they are soooo funny.




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