Freezing, with a chance of flu

Dear Loved ones,

This week was awesome!

So we are going to have a baptism this Saturday!
Ann is doing so well and she wants to go to the temple so bad that she somehow ended up in Temple Prep class yesterday….we were looking all over for her and we see her in the temple prep class and I look and Sister Sinclair and say “are investigators allowed to go to temple prep before they’re baptized?” haha. But she is solid. yay! This is the greatest blessing ever!

This week I got sick. well…yeah…I guess I have some lympnode thingy that isn’t doing its job…and it’s only my right side so I can’t hear or breath. But whatever, I don’t have time for this. But it’s slowed us down this week because IM SO TIRED.
Also, wanna know something I learned this week? You can’t take sudaffed at night time…I did and I only slept for 3 hours on Saturday night and I about died. Dr. Tate (mission doc) told me he did that one time too. I guess you learn as you go.

Georgia is still progressing…just a little slower. Her baptism is scheduled for Nov 29. But she isn’t being as proactive and needs to be in keeping commitments and so forth…so we will see what happens.

This week us and the Elders got asked to help demo a mobile home haha. We had no Idea what we were really doing but it was fun!

Did you know in 15 days I only have 18 weeks left.
Did you know there are only like 15 days until my birthday!!
Did you know there are only like 15 days until my companion fly’s home 😦
So on that note…I have no Idea where I will be emailing from on my birthday.

Also, Next week is the week of thanksgiving. We don’t have pday on Monday. But we get 1 hour of Email time next Monday. Im assuming we will email in the morning like normal, but we only get an hour.
Then our pday is moved to thanksgiving 😦

Sorry this email is short.
what do ya do.

Love you! Love me! Love this gospel!

write me?
Love Sista Lyman

when your tired/ sick. you sleep whever possible. even on the floor at church.




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