Hello my dearest people,

Well this week, has been awesome.

Yes, I have a new companion, and I’m still here In Arlington WA.

My new Companions name is Sister Solosk ( Suh-lo-sko) from Texas!
Yup, I got myself another Texan! She has just hit her 10 month mark.


Well this week was just like any other first week of the transfer with a new companion. A lot of driving through different parts of the areas to help Sister Solosko learn the areas, investigators and members and situations etc.

We are still really struggling with our WML.
But we are being very patient and we are doing all we can to work around his limitations and schedule.
Over the past few weeks I have been praying and pondering very intensely how we as missionaries and how our WML can unify in the salvation of souls, then I had an idea.
I cleared it with the Bishop and the Stake High Councilor over missionary work. Then we met with the Elders in our ward and I talked to them about this Idea.
It seemed to me that in our ward, they were calling new ward missionaries and just throwing them into all of our meetings without any explanation or training and what not. Often these newly called people would come up to me and say “So what do I do exactly? Do I just go out with you…do I speak in lessons? Do I share things?….Do you call me…or I call you?
Also, our WML is really struggling with understanding our key indicators/standards and why we have them.
So I thought about going against the currant…and how that never works (unless your crush the turtle) So what are we going to do…we are going to inspire our WML and Ward Missionaries!
We are organizing a little seminar! and we are going to go over our key indicators and the tools we use to set goals each week. Why we set goals, what the goals mean, what the numbers truly represent, and how they help us (or how we work together) to achieve these standard key indicators. Also, the Progress record and how those things we write each week in the ‘help needed’ box represent things that we as missionaries can’t do by ourselves. We rely on the Ward to help us. Because this church of Christ will always be a missionary church, that includes full time and members.
So this week has been great! We had a great lesson with RJ, and he accepted a baptism date of Jan 17.
He comes from a part member family, and it’s so great to see a family unite in the truths of the gospel.

Anywho…..Im doing great. yup.
today I’m treating myself to some panda express. yup.

p.s. can I have a cool calculator watch for Christmas? I’m being dead serious. love you all.

Sister Solosko and I.


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