Hey. Did you know its my Birthday?

Hey Dearest people…

Hey. DId you know that it’s my birthday. DId you know that i’m a whopping 23 years of age. Yup for 23 years I have been mortal. weird.

This week was pretty cool. But it was for sure one of the saddest, happiest, craziest weeks of my entire mission.
We packed and packed and sent stuff home and got Sister Sinclair all ready for home. I didn’t think it’d be that hard to send home a companion….but it was a great learning experience for me. and heeey….only 18 more weeks untill Sister Sinclair and I can be real friends.

Oh and…..it snowed. yup. s-n-o-w. But it was beautiful.
We forgot that Sister Sinclair had packed all of her winter stuff and/or had mailed it home. So she froze…..I felt so bad.

How was your thanksgiving? Mine was great….we spent a lot of the day packing and then we went to the Dicksons for Dinner….it is always such a treat to see a family and grandkids and parents running around and telling stories….it makes me excited to be with my family next year.
Then we went home and just packed and planned.

Georgia doing great….we moved her baptismal date to January, she is overcoming a lot of things right now and is doing really well, she came to church on Sunday and cried all through sacrament because she had to say goodbye to S. Sinclair.

ALso….guess what. its my birthday! Sister Lawson made me a wonderful breakfast today and an obstacle course that i had to get through.

So my pday will be Next Tuesday…look below. Also, I send a package home with all my spanish stuff and stuff. keep an eye out.

Also a little blurp from the mission to you all….i’ll just have President Bonham explain better than I can……” I spoke today with Elder Craig A. Cardon of the Seventy, who will be touring our mission December 8 and 9 at the direction of President Packer. The north half of the mission will have a multi-zone conference with Elder Cardon on Monday, December 8 (preparation day the following day on Tuesday–warn your families now about delayed letters)”

Can I tell you how hard it is to take a decent district picture?
last night with sister sinclair.








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