Hugs NOT Drugs…. or both

Dearest of the dearests,

Where do I even start.

We are at the library right in the middle of some werid child thing and they are singing “shake my sillies out…” So I might go join them πŸ™‚

This week was a good week! We are still working on getting to know everyone in our ward….we have such a huge area, we haven’t even made it to a couple colors haha.

But remember when I told you about our miracle investigators Pam, Lynn, and Kevlar? Well we didn’t get to see them this week but we got a call from the AP’s a copule nights ago asking if we were teaching a man named Kevlar and we said yes/why? They said some elders in everett had street contacted him and he told them he was listening to the sisters in Arlington….they kept having a conversation and found out….he was thinking some inappropiate things about us, so the APs asked us about our lessons…and we were “advised to pass him off to the elders…” So that was exciting…

We had a lesson with a Less Active woman named Karis Satoh, she lived in Japan for 18 years and came back a couple years ago, and married this crazy man, who we also aren’t allowed to teach.But they live in a house under the freeway and it probably should be condemned and as I was walking through the yard I was wondering why there were these pretty green plants with tarps over them….then I hear karis say….”oh yeah these are my husbands 16 marijuana plants….sometime the animals get into them….”

We took a member with us this week to this family that I love! we are teaching Stephanie who is 17 and the member started arguing with this father about the bible and what we believe and the member says “well I don’t know what bible your reading…but blah blah bleh bleh ablah…” anyway….thats how your lose a prepared person with the wrong member. Set good examples and remember that we are here to LOVE not to PUSH.

Im sorry this email isnt super fun. I cant concentrate due to the fun here at the library.
Next week will be better.

whose ready for CONFERENCE! I AM! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

dad. I want you to build this!






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