Lesson learned

Dear dearest, of the dearests. <—-is that a word?

How are you all doing this beautiful cold morning?

Well, I am doing great, In fact, I am in a beautiful library listening to little children sing songs.

Since last week, I have learned a lot of lessons, and I have seen my weakness’s and what I need to improve upon.

This week I set a few goals to help me improve
1. Rely on the Holy Ghost for more guidance
2. Charity…really pray
3. Be more confident

As I began this week I prayed and wondered how heavenly father would help me achieve these things, Which I already know is a dangerous train of thought, because what you seek after….heavenly father will help achieve, in very mysterious ways.
But regardless I started going through, happy that I was staying with Sister Sinclair and ready for another week in this area.

We were able to meet with the Bakers this week, and as we sat down to share a message with them they were all so quiet. We knew that Brother Baker works nights. So sister Sinclair asks, How is your husbands work going? then sister baker stops for a moments and sighs…..”he’s….not here anymore…he left us yesterday…” My heart literally broke into shambles. I felt so much love this dear sister and for her situation. I asked…”how are you doing on food, do you need anything….what can we do to help Sister Baker…” she assured us that she was okay for now. She used what money she had to buy some food for her and her 3 girls, and she promised she would call if she needed anything. As we left that home, My heart ached for the sorrow, but also I knew that heavenly father had inspired us to go there- because they initially weren’t in our plans for the night. We accounted to Bishop and he was right on that, helping them. The next night while we were at the church, Bishop spoke to us and gave us ideas on how we could help.
To our wonderful surprise we got a call from Sister Baker the next morning, we went over to her home and trimmed some bushes, pulled lots of weeds and help her get decorated for Halloween. I saw then how the Lord helped me see charity for others.

We have met so many Less Actives this week that were so nice to us. One of them we walked up and he was smoking a cigar (word of wisdom…hmm), he invited us to dinner with him and his wife this Wednesday coming, and invited us in for a tour of his home…we had a great time meeting these beautiful people……

and then….it happened.

……..I lost my beloved planner….
To a missionary the planner contains EVERYTHING. I was so sad and I literally tour our apartments apart…I prayed and eventually just gave up….the next day I was so sad about my planner and I was so lost, its like a phone to teenagers. So I realized that, that day I had no planner, I didn’t rely on the Holy Ghost, I wasn’t charitable because I was irritated and I wasn’t confident because I was in limbo.
So I guess in a weird, round about way….I saw how I had been achieving my goals, when I really felt like it impossible to achieve them. I told you…..weird and mysterious ways. So that night when we got home we walk into the apartment and my planner was literally just sitting there…and I know it wasn’t there before. I’m pretty 100% positive that the Lord was trying to teach me a lesson and then had an angel bring it back….or I’m going blind. Speaking of going blind…I have an eye doctor apt because I have been squinting at things I used to be able to see. FYI.

Then one of my favorite families ever, told us the crazy news that they were going to move.
Thats one thing I have learned to love on my mission, is the ability to see righteousness and to love it. I have felt like I am drawn to them because its light, its right, and ….. it’s the spirit of these righteous people that draws my spirit in. So we said goodbye to the Wright family, the coolest cats in town, they are going to do the work of the Lord and serve a mission, wherever they go, the people they serve will be the luckiest people around!

On Saturday, we had an awesome lesson with the Weldons….Sister Weldon was Baptized last August and then In May Bro. Weldon suffered a Brain Injury, and then their son was in an accident…some kids got divorced and moved in with them…so they have had a pretty crazy year. we have had lessons with them before, but this was so much more powerful. And we invited them to come and partake of the sacrament with us the next day. Sunday came and sacrament meeting started and I prayed for heavenly father to give them the strength the make it to church. I turn around right before the sacrament AND THEY WALKED IN! Pretty amazing!

*sigh. Anyway…..I’m still alive. My feet hurt, I don’t know why they go through spurts of pain and bleeding all of the time. My blood vessles in the bottom of my feet broke this week…or thats what they tell me. So my feet are all dark red. but I AM SO HAPPY!

P.S. thanks for the letters….I didn’t have to write any to myself this week! 🙂






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