Dear Loved ones,

This week was really good! Actually….it ended good. we won’t go into the other details.

Hey, did you know that it’s freeeezing up here, yup. cool huh.

But This week something crazy happened.

I got really ill (seems like a rollercoster with me)
But I couldn’t keep any food down all week and by Saturday/Sunday I was so tired and hungry and going crazy. That I finally talked to someone and they talked to someone and I received a call this morning from a doctor in Spokane who gave me some instructions and I have to be really careful this week and then if things progress I’ll be going to a doctor somewhere to get checked for my blood count levels/sugar/whatever else.. So prayers would be nice. no mom….don’t worry. I’m a missionary, I’m invincible right? and no you don’t need to call the mission office. I’m okay. I’m just sad that I have to give away those chocolates you just sent me.
Speaking of giving things away……There is this family in a ward, a single mom and 3 teenage girls who aren’t going to be having much of a Christmas (even thought I know that it’s not about gifts) I still wanted them to have a Christmas of some sort. She doesn’t have a job, the girls are in highschool, one of them is deaf and we were over for dinner and I was hearing the girls write what they wanted and all they wanted was CLOTHES! sounds like teenage girls right?
I knew the mom couldn’t afford it, So I told one of the girls that I had some clothes she could have, she got so excited and I promised her I would bring them on Sunday.
So after planning that night I started going through my clothes…one by one I thought “they would love this…” Pretty soon I had 2 good sized bags of clothes…
I went through the clothes again and thought…”man I really love this shirt….etc.. but then I thought of the girls that It would be going to and the true need that was there. That was all the motivation I needed. So without a second thought I tied up the bags and on Sunday I gave them to the girls and they loved them! one of them gave me the biggest hug 3x over and said THANK YOU SO MUCH SISTER LYMAN… I cant tell you how much I needed these. So I guess that helped me really give. and one that note….Sister Solosko and I are going to the outlet mall today.
mom…dad….its christmas right? haha.
We also had interviews with the President Bonham this week, he is awesome. Love the guy, he’s like my dad out here and the older I get as a missionary, the more I see the true inspiration he receives.
Then as a Relief Society activity we had “Christmas in Darrington” where we did the nativity through the eyes of the women….where we had for example Marys mom….Joesph’s mom and other wonderful woman from that time. I was asked to be Mary….
As I read the script I thought ” this is talking about motherhood…i’m not a mom…”
But I had a beautiful blue thing draped over me and I read my part and I felt the spirit so strongly. Then after I had a group of the women come up to me and Sister Olsen said “Sister Lyman, as soon as you stood up…I thought that I was really seeing Mary. I had an impression that If he chose anyone from this room to be the mother of Jesus…he would’ve chosen you…” I started to cry and she started to cry…we were all crying. That was the most tender thing I had ever been told. Not to mention I made like 3 dozen crepes for the activity.

Also this week, We had the last cottage mtg at the mission home. We were lucky enough to get to go! lucky us! It was a very small cottage meeting, and Sister Solosko and I were asked to play a musical number. Then we were asked to play for the mission Christmas devotional this upcoming monday….Im pretty nervous.
So this upcoming Monday (the 21st) we will probably be emailing in the afternoon. Hopefully we get to email. Then we get to face-time a few days after that!

So Lets talk about why all missionaries need AAA.

A couple days ago….in the middle of the woods(for real though) I locked the keys in the trunk.
Yup. No one in the ward could help us….911 told us they didn’t have the tools to help us….SO we had the call the Assistants and they had to drive all the up and find us….only to go “Drum-roll….*beep beep* pop the trunk…:
We stood outside for a good 1 1/2 hour. And I felt so bad.
I guess there are still things I need to learn.

Anywho, Im good. LOVE YOU ALL.

Love, me!


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