Dearest children!B9D.gif

Can you say “miracles” 3x fast?
That’s what we had this week….loads and loads of miracles! How cool!
Sister Sinclair and I were talking and I don’t think that I have ever seen the hand of the Lord so present than I have in this area.

I remember getting here from a lush spanish area and having 0 investigators….now after trial and error and a real lesson for me that obedience has to go both ways…..we have a blooming area!
I am so grateful Sister Sinclair wakes up with me on time and vacuums the car and does all of that awesome stuff! And because of that we have seen 3 new investigators this week!

We were looking for a Less active member and instead this older lady came out on the porch smoking and her daughter followed….. the daughter (lynn) said she had gone to a mormon church years ago but only heard talk of Joseph Smith….nothing of Christ…so they were pretty against us. But I felt impressed to bear witness….I bore a testimony of Christ and of Joseph smith, and they invited us right in…..then later into the conversation, the mom (pam) invited her older son Kevlar out to listen….he has 5 sons…the 1st died at birth and the other ones he has no contact with. He has such a low hope for his lost son that he resorted to drugs and alcohol and has been in and out of prison his whole life. They just want hope…they just want peace. We promised them they would find that and much more…again. I am so bad at explaining things, but they are a miracle in my eyes. I love them. They are so beautiful. I can see the Light of Christ in them, I truly see’s what he see’s….I want them to know that there is hope and they can return home. At the end of the lesson Pam (the mom) looks at me and says….”where do I go, or who do I cal,l to get a mormon bible…?” I just smiled at her because I could see who she really is….we gave her a book of mormon.

We also had the chance to go up to Darrington….aka the middle of nowhere and do some service with the Elders for a woman who is moving. We drove through the mudslide and it broke my heart to see the hill gapped open and crushed cars and only 1 house standing….I guess the frame of the house. I know that when we live worthy and we are doing all we can to keep the commandments of God, that he Protects us. Bishop Haywood was driving on that road and barely missed the mudslide that day by a couple minutes. I believe the Lord protects us as we keep and honor our convenants.

We have been meeting with Georgia and she is totally doing awesome! She came to church with us yesterday and she remembered taking the sacrament when she was little. Then we had a random family walk into church and say “can I have a book of mormon….” It was a week of miracles!

Also….im getting sick.

Anywho….love you all….

write me mmmkay. I bought a coloring book so I can send myself pictures….

Darrington is beautiful!

*awkward pictures of my face…check out them eyebags…hmmh…











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