Mary had a little lamb who grew into a sheep,
she went and joined the Mormon church
and died from lack of sleep. <——- Me.

So this week has been the rainiest week! Winter is for sure on the horizon because I dont remember this much rain since last year. Luckily, I bought some boots last week so I have been okay.

This week we met so many people! It was such an inspired week guided by the Lord.
One of My favorite experiences of that this week was when we were planning the night before, and during nightly planning we felt like we should see some of these people we hadn’t been able to ever meet. So the Next day we were able to finally meet the Roth family, Bro. Cook ( Less actives) and we were able to set up another returning appt with the Leender family. That night as we got home for dinner we received a call from Bro. Dickson. He told us he had some new families on his home teaching route and he needed to know some information about them. He asked us about The Roths and we were able to tell him the info he needed. He asked us about Bro. Cook, and we were able to tell him that he isn’t interested in having any contact with the church; and then he asked about the Leender family, and we were able to arrange for him to come the lesson we had set up and introduce him to them at church. Such a small, small things but a huge example of how heavenly father used us to bless his righteous, faithful home teacher!

Also, I went to the eye doctor this week…..I was doing good and going strong. Then came the part of reading the letters on the wall… I managed to squint really hard and make it through it with my right eye….or i could at least tell that the beginning letter was a “K”
Then as I covered my left eye and I couldn’t read a darn thing!
He asked me to read the first line ( the biggest print) and I started D?N?F?….
Then he started putting all these lenses in front of my eyes and slowly the letters got clearer and finally I was like ” was that seriously a “K” the whole time!” So basically…..I can’t see.
So I chose from frames…..you know me and my skills of deciding things, basically took me forever and a day. Then they started adding up the numbers and It scared me…because they were some big numbers, then because the office is owned by a LDS doctor and everyone that works there is LDS they gave me a 60% percent discount. Yup. can you say blessing 5 times fast. #ican
So, I’ve been wearing my old glasses, still can’t see but New glasses coming on Thursday.

Also, this week. The shooting 10 miles away from us at the high-school in Marysville. So sad. It really made me ponder on the prophecies of Isaiah and also in the Book of Mormon. How vitally important it is that we are firm and unyielding to the perplexities of this world. P.S. the world isn’t that cool anymore. Being a missionary is where it’s at.
I actually had a dream last night that I was home, and with my family and I was so unahppy, I just wanted to Call President Bonham and come back to the mission. Sorry mom.

This work is so amazing, its actually marvelous!

oh yeah HAPPY {pre} HALLOWEEN!1AE.gif
Our ward is having a Trunk or Treat this Wednesday….I’m being a cat. I bought cat ears.
Also, we are having a Chilli Cookoff and yes…..WE ARE THE JUDGES!

Anywhhhhway….This week was awesome. I’m still a live.
Please thank Lloyd and Louis Bayles for the wonderful card they sent me!

have a Splendid Week and stay holy!

Love Sister Lyman

-dear sweet sister sinclair freezing in the rain

-Old glasses and my cat ears.


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