Sometimes you are called to weep

Dear Loved ones,

This week, I don’t even know where to begin.

I guess I could just say that this week was a very draining week. Alot of Comforting, and a lot of prayers.

When Jeffery R. Holland said that sometimes we are called to simply weep, I have understood that very well this week.

Our week started out great with a lesson with Georgia, who is going to be baptized the 25th of October, she has been trying for over a month to find a job and nothing is working. I think the Lord is really testing her faith and humbling her.

We then went up to arrington and did a fun service project at the food bank up there. We unpakced and unpacked, then repacked 3 semi loads of food. Did you know they make 16lb apple sauce containers? It was really fun, and I was super sore the next day haha and it was pouring rain (whats new). But I decided when I get home I am going to find the closest food bank to help out at. FUN!!

Then the craziness really began.
I think I told you about the investigator that was having bad thoughts right? well we went over to teach his mom Pam, and when we got there she was crying and was shuffling through her bag looking for a card out on the porch. We didn’t really understand what was going on. But my heart started to beat a little faster because things seemed a bit off. Then we heard Kevllar (bad thought guy) inside making all kinds of ruckus. He was swearing and he came out and said “mom, i’m going to do it! I feel like there are fire ants all over me! I just shot up more….mom I need something…” Then we found out that kevllar was going through the withdrawal effects of Heroine and had just done more right before we got there and he was overdosing. And she was looking for a card for his case manager. Then we stop talking because it got quiet inside, and Pam says….”I hope he doesn’t find my gun…” and I was like….what. This is crazy. We were both frozen, we couldn’t leave, but we couldn’t stay. Pam is crying and she couldn’t find this number. So we run down the road to a house and had a member look up this number, then we ran back and the house was dead silent. It a very scary moment, trying to discern our safety. Then Pam comes out crying and says “we have to get it fast, he’s going to do it”. Kevllar was put on suicide watch.
I can’t even describe how hard it was, watching a mother weep over her son, and watching the effects of drugs on a son of God. I cried, just watching the pain of Pam, and just longing for a way to help.

Then the next day we felt impressed to stop by this home where a woman samantha is staying. Samantha moved here with her 3 kids and 1 niece here about a month ago. She was engaged to a cool guys in the ward and things seemed to be going good. But as she has found out how dishonest he is and how he has and is breaking many temporal and spiritual laws she broke off the engagement and Brent (fiance) was ordered to stay away from them. Samantha was in shambles, asking “why would god lead me here if it was wrong?” “Why did this happen”….
We shared with her and comforted her and cried with her. Only 2 days later…yesterday actually she comes to conference and tells us to call her later. We called her in between sessions and find out that the bishop had to put her in hiding because Brent came over and got crazy and physically tried to stop them from leaving him and did a lot of damage to her and the kids. The kids had to put everything in garbage bags and sneak out of the house.
When we rushed over to where they were she looked so….weary.
My heart literally ached with pain for her. I loved her and wanted to do anything I could.

When we got back to the church for conference I just wept because of the pains of this mortal life. I cried for the heartaches and for the things words cannot explain. no one ever tells you how hard it is to mend a soul.

I am grateful we had conference. I am grateful for living guidance.

DId I tell you about the family that has guard peacocks instead of dogs….they be mean.





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