That’s a nice doorbell

Dear Loved ones!

This week was a good ol’ week in the country.

I am getting better with dogs….I am learning how to work with the ones that bite 🙂

This area is a hard area. But I’m not losing hope, and I would never call this area a “dead” area because I believe that God is a God of the living not of the dead. So I have gained an increase of Faith so far, and I’m humbly seeking the key to unlocking this area.

I went back thinking of My Mt. Vernon experience when we had over 40 investigators and were teaching all of the time but none were really progressing to the waters of baptism. So we turned to the members and role played with them and shared scriptures about them planting the seeds and us reaping them together and how we both could “rejoice together.” Then in Lynnwood when we would “drop” people for a time, when we felt they weren’t quiet ready or receptive. But as soon as we would drop someone in faith, the Lord would place a prepared person in our path, and that’s how we found Cenobio, who was baptized 2 days ago.
So as these experiences were going through my mind, I was trying to figure out what Arlington needs, what the Lord has planned for this area. So we are really going to turn to the members and really find through them, because we can’t do it by ourselves.
Like David O. Mckay said “every member a missionary”

So for the best news ever CENOBIO WAS BAPTIZED SATURDAY!
I was able to go back to Lynnwood for his baptism, and it was such a sweet moment to see a son of God enter the waters of baptism. I remembered praying over him, asking the Lord what he needed, why he wasn’t progressing, why he wasn’t coming to church….then the Lord granted us miracle after miracle which lead him to this moment we missionaries work for, baptism. Which lead me to the moment of remembering what sealed the deal for Cenobio, he fasted with a sincere heart and a question, and it was given him.

Also, in District meeting we were talking about ice breakers….and our DL was telling us a funny story about one of his old companions.

missionary: hello sir how are you going today?
man: Im doing good, what do you need?
missionary: man, thats a really nice doorbell…how long have you had that doorbell?
man: dude it came with the house….
missionary: oh thats awesome…so…
hahaha…elders….will they ever learn?

So even thought I am here in one of the hardest areas I’ve been in, with 0 lessons taught this week and 0 new investigators… I am hopeful that the Lord has a plan and will strengthen me so I can do his will.

All in all….I’m still one happy missionary! 🙂

We also picked tons of food from a garden this week! i loved it! I WANT A GARDEN!….or maybe a friend that has a garden.





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